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Tilahun Belay

Mr. Tilahun Belay MBBS

Other (e.g., Education, Research)
Job Title:
Domestic Tourism promotion officer
Medical School:
Residency Program:
Bahir dar, Ethiopia
African Society of Glaucoma, African Society of Glaucoma
Contact Information:
Fassilo kebele
Bahir dar, Amhara
Ethiopia 1125
Phone: +251913969399
Fax: +251582202650
Web site:

dear university management
First Name: Tilahun
Last Name: Belay
Program of Interest: master degree
Country: Ethiopia
first of all I would like to thank you hearty, from the beginning which is
giving huge hope and opportunity to learn FREE scholar ship master
degree at your university. Know I am living in Ethiopia. And Currently, I am
working in the tourism Industry of Government bureau here in Ethiopia. I
have bachelor degree with tourism management from University of
Gondar. I have 7 years work experience in the tourism sector . I was
effective and efficient accomplishing my responsibilities. I have good
communication skill with staffs and different clients of my bureau . extra to
this I have an ability to communicate with my immediate boss and
subordinates . dear university scholarship management team, in Ethiopia
there is scarcity of skilled man power in the tourism sector. Especially in
master and above academic status on the field of international business
mgt , MBA and tourism management , courses. This scarcity of skilled
man power in the tourism sector have bad influence on on the poverty
reduction struggle . Extra to this, As we know that , Ethiopia is one of the
country which accepts the millennium development goals and implements
currently with high effort. Our performance to achieve the millennium
goal is still we are in struggle . Therefore ,my demand to apply this free
scholar ship is having long term goals that I will to apply for my country .
these are :-
1. After the completion of my study I will come back my country and wants
to achieve the rest mellinium dev;t goals in my country .
2. I want to solve and want to be a part of solutions for the problems in
which we currently face in the poverty minimization process.
3. I want to boost international tourism in my country through the
knowledge that I gain from my study
4. I want to make partnership with host community of the university staff,
students, professors , government etc
5. I want to share better experience from the developed nations and
wants to scale up in my country when I will return back.
Generally , I want to buy knowledge and good attitude from your
university for the sake of participating in the poverty reduction struggle,
and to play a great role in the contribution of economic growth .
Best regareds
Tilahun m.belay

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