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Bibhuti Prassan Sinha

Prof. Dr. Bibhuti Prassan Sinha MD

Company / Organization:
Job Title:
Additional professor
Medical School:
NSCB Medical college, jabalpur, MP
Residency Program:
Patna, India
Contact Information:
352, north s k puri
Patna, Bihar
India 800013
Phone: 9470017777

Dr.Bibhuti p sinha
House no-352
North S K Puri
Mobile: 09470017777

OBJECTIVE: To serve the society.


1990-1995 MBBS : Government medical college , Jabalpur,
Rani durgavati University, Jabalpur
1997-2001 MS : SS medical college and GMH , Rewa (MP)
APS university , Rewa (mp)

2001 MARCH-DEC 2001 : Muzaffarpur eye hospital ,Bihar

JAN 2002-MARCH 2002 : Phaco fellow at Mahatme eye hospital and
eye bank, Nagpur

9TH MAY 2002- 14 FEB 2006 : Senior resident, Regional institute of
Ophthalmology, IGIMS, Patna

15TH FEB 2006- 26TH AUGUST 2010: Assistant professor and in-charge RIO, IGIMS

26TH AUGUST 2010) : Associate professor- till date ( 3 years)

26TH JUNE 2014: Additional professor & HOD


All India ophthalmic society
Bihar ophthalmic society
Indian red cross society
Lions international


Played table tennis, cricket and won many college level tournaments


1. Working as in charge of RIO from AUG 2006 TO 10-11-2006 and then w.e.f 25/07/2007

2. Working in the capacity of Registrar (academic) w.e.f 25/08/2011 at IGIMS(university) to 03-06-14


1. Completed Thesis " clinical evaluation of n- butyl 2 cyanoacrylate in impending perforation and perforated corneal ulcer" under guidance of Dr.(Prof) P.c dwivedi

2. Presented paper titled "Tissue adhesive in infective keratitis : are they really helpful" at AIOS (annual national) conference at Kolkata in 2001.

3. Presented paper titled "Clinical evaluation of tissue in infective keratitis" at MPSOS conference at Raipur, 2000.

4. Published an article "Traumatic hyphaema and its management" in Bihar journal of Ophthalmology2004.

5. Published an article " Posterior capsule opacification " in Journal of ophthalmology (UP) 1999

6. Presented a paper at Bihar ophthalmic conference 2006 at Patna titled " Analysis of pattern of ocular trauma in our part of India 2002-2005"

7. Published original article titled " Role of diurnal variation of intra ocular pressure in early diagnosis and management of open angle glaucoma" in Bihar journal of ophthalmology Dec 2007

8. Published original article titled " Management of post operative endopthalmitis" in Bihar journal of ophthalmology Dec 2007

9. "Specular microscopy". Mishra D, Kumar R, Sinha BP. Bihar Journal of Ophthalmology, 2008; 33:55-59.
10. "Retinoblastoma with unusual association of post-axial polydactyly" Deepak Mishra, Pratyush Ranjan, B.P.Sinha, Vijay Baijal, Madhu Bhadauria. Accepted for Publication in European journal of ophthalmology (EJO-D-12-00755).
11. "Normal tension glaucoma - A complete over view". Mishra D, B.P.Sinha,Singh M K, Bhushan P. Highlights of Ophthalmology (International English, Italian and Spanish edition) 2012; 40:2-3.
12. "Bardet Biedl Syndrome with atypical features of hemimandibular hypoplesia and microtia". Mishra D, Singh M K, Sinha B.P, Kumar O. International Journal of Current Research and Review. 2011 vol 3:Issue 12
13. "Lasers in Retinal Diseases-A subject Review ". Mishra D, Sinha B P, R Kumar. Highlights of Ophthalmology (International English and Spanish edition) 2010;vol 38:15-20
14. "Goldenhar Syndrome with pre-axial polydactyly" Mishra D, Sinha BP. Kumar R. European Journal of Ophthalmology 2009;19:1064-1065
15. "Visual Evoked Potential" Mishra D, Kumar R, A Ambasta, Sinha BP. Bihar Journal of Ophthalmology, 2009: 34:40-42
16. "Bardet biedl syndrome with all 5 clinical features" Mishra D, Sinha BP, Kumar R. Bihar Journal of Ophthalmology, 2009: 34:54-55
17. "Ophthalmoscopic evaluation of Optic disc in glaucoma and visual field by automated perimetry: A correlation" Satyapal R K, Mishra D, Singh M K. Bihar Journal of Ophthalmology, 2009: 34:23-27.
18. "Measurement of axial length by immersion method" B.p.sinha et al .Bihar journal of ophthalmology:46-48, vol37,October 2012

 Deepak mishra, B.p.sinha.surgical technique for the Ahmed glaucoma valve. Innovation in primary open angle glaucoma:jaypee highlights 2012
 Awarded DrA.K. prasad gold medal for best video at 50th conference of Bihar ophthalmological society at Patna" anti onion peeling technique of cortical cleaning in posterior polar cataract cases"
 Awarded Dr Ajit sinha gold medal for best poster at 50th conference of Bihar ophthalmological society at Patna titled" bilateral acute myopia with angle closure glaucoma:a case report"

1. Guide for the thesis of Dr Deepak mishra titled "comparative evaluation of intraocular pressure lowering effect of Latanoprost(0.005%),Bimatoprost(0.03%),Travoprost(0.004%) and Timolol(0.5%) in the cases of primary open angle glaucoma" for the DNB.
2. Presently guide of three DNB students

1. Participated as speaker in symposium and conference at various state and national level on various topics
2. Participated as RESOURCE TEACHER IN AIOS-PG TEACHING AT KOLKATA on the topic of visual field in 2012


 Proficient in Phacoemulsification , manual phaco and different glaucoma surgery

 proficient in medical retina and different laser procedures

 Also doing various squint, sac surgery


Established and running the Glaucoma clinic at RIO, IGIMS since 2003

Date : 30-07-2016

Dr. Bibhuti prassan sinha
Additional professor &HOD
Regional institute of ophthalmology
IGIMS, Patna, Bihar

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