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Dr. Lubna Mahmoud MD

Non-ophthalmologist physician
Other (e.g., Education, Research)
Company / Organization:
lubna mahmoud
Job Title:
emergency resident
Medical School:
Cairo university
giza, Egypt


November 2009 Bachelor of Medicine (B.M), Kasr Al Ainy University
Very Good (with Honor Degree)
81%, GPA= 3

December 2013 Master of Emergency medicine at Alexandria University
GPA=2.4 Waiting finishing viva

Job experience:

March 2009 A House Officer in Kasr El Ainy Hospital, Giza, Egypt

April 2010 GP, 15 May Medical Administration, Cairo, Egypt

April 2012 - Emergency resident, Nasser Institution hospital, Cairo, Egypt
to the present

Extra Courses:
1-"Decision making in emergency medicine, advanced course in emergency 1st aid".(2008)
2- "Fundamental life support course". (2010)
2- "Basal surgical skills course". (2010)
4- "Radiosonography course". (2010)
5-Infection control 10 hours course (2010)
6- "Basics of scientific research". (2011)
7- Obstetric emergency training. (2011)
8- Care, preventive medicine and family planning program. (2011)
9- CME Online: Endocrine Emergencies from Harvard University (2011)
10- CME Online: Challenging Cases in Toxicology from Harvard University (2011)
11- CME Online: Chronic Hepatitis C: A Multifaceted Disease from Harvard University (2011)
12- CME Online Clinical Challenges in Chest Radiology from Harvard University (2012)
13- ATLS (2013)
14- BLS American Heart Association (2014) .
15- FAST (2014)
16- ACLS American Heart Association (2014)
17- ABG Interpretation Workshop.(2014)
18- Bronchoscopy and Chest Tube Insertion workshop (2014)
19- CME Online Delirium: a Medical Emergency from Harvard University. (2014)
20- CME Online Clinical Challenges in Management of Acute Pulmonary Embolism from Harvard University (2014).
21- CME Online Management of Atrial Fibrillation (2014).
22-Anathesia, intensive care and emergency medicine course (2014).


1- Cardiology emergencies, Cairo (26 Nov.2014).
2- Egyptian intensive care and emergency medicine conference, Cairo (6-7 Dec.2012).
3- The annual international Kasr Al Ainy postgraduate course for world diabetic day, Cairo (14Nov.2012).
4- Pediatric emergency (approach and life style) day, Cairo (3 Nov.2010).
5- The annual international Kasr Al Ainy postgraduate course for Afro-Arab hepatology Cairo (9-11 Oct.2010).

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