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Dr. Tareq Almaflehi MD, PhD

Company / Organization:
Job Title:
Medical School:
Faculty of medicine. Aden university
Residency Program:
Arab board training program in syria
Najran, Yemen

First thanks for your helping the young ophthalmologist's that want to improve their knowledge and experience in ophthalmology subspecialty.
I am from Aden - Yemen. From country having bad war till now and economic crisis . As you could be know.
Now i am in Saudi Arabia for temporary working in government's hospital with my family.
I am finishing my residency training program and pass the Arab board in ophthalmology at January 2015 and at December 2011 I pass Syrian specialisation in ophthalmology and also i am pass ico examinations part one and two also .
My view with my wife and children to return back to my country in Aden city as soon as possible.
And I request from you to help me to make fellowship in strabismus as it my big dream . Especially there no any strabismus and paediatric ophthalmologist in Aden city.
In my experience when I was working as ophthalmic resident in the oldest and largest government's hospital in Aden named AL Gomhorria general Hospital I saw many small children had squint and there was no provisional management as there no provisional physian to help these children.
Please give me chance to make something good working to these neglected people.

And finally i have post polio left leg sequence of paralysis and partial atrophy and the working in squint surgery it's easy to me in comparison to phaco surgery that needs the two legs to do surgery. And I did many squint surgery for horizontal and vertical muscles in different groups of age under supervisor .
So, i like to help me as you can.

Thanks to all ico partnersget

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