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Dr. Talia Nieto

Company / Organization:
Job Title:
Medical School:
National Autonomous University of Mexico School of Medicine
Residency Program:
Association to prevent blindnes, Mexico city
Mexico City, Mexico

I was accepted at the National Autonomous University of Mexico School of Medicine 2005.
I belonged to the group of high academic demands of the UNAM.
I did research work at the Laboratory off immunoparasitology for a year based at the General Hospital of Mexico with Dr. Laila Gutiérrez Kobe; on "Analysis of the production of blast oxidative in human peripheral blood monocyte and mouse macrophages derived from the bone marrow stimulated with Leishmania mexicana LPG ".
I was accepted for the specialty of ophthalmology at the hospital Association to Prevent Blindness in Mexico 2012
I had an international participation in ARVO with "The teaching and practice screening of retinopathy of prematurity During skills Ophthalmology residency training: a nationwide survey.
I participate with the Cornea department in the Protocol Polymorphism of endothelial cells in patients with keratoconus.
I participate in the National Congress of Ophthalmology participating with poster
Pigment phakomatoses vascularis (FPV), regarding a case.
I am will participate on the WOC with OCULAR TOXOCARIASIS
I was accepted for a fellow in Cataract surgery in Association to prevent blindness in México.

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