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Ndayirukiye Jean Pierre

Dr. Ndayirukiye Jean Pierre MD

Non-ophthalmologist physician
Ophthalmic Pathology and Microbiology
Company / Organization:
Job Title:
Executive Director
Medical School:
Residency Program:
GITEGA, Burundi
Academy of Asia-Pacific Professors of Ophthalmology
Contact Information:
RN 8
Burundi +257
Phone: +25777828505
Web site:

-1999-2000: Compulsory civic service
-2004-2005: President of the federation of national COMMUNAL ASSOCIATIONS students of the province of Gitega
-2004-2005: 1st Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Association of students of the UNIVERSITY OF BURUNDI
-2005-2007: Professor of Anatomy at the Medical Group Bujumbura
-March 2008 to June 2011: chief physician of internal medicine and care center for HIV, president of PBF committee within the hospital (financing based on performance) at RUTANA hospital
-consultance the training of health under the coordination of world vision MUYINGA the month of July 2010
-formateur on integrated management of childhood illness in Gitega in May 2010 and June 2011
-February-March 2010, September-November 2010: Physician Hospital Director and Chief Medical Officer District of RUTANA
-January 2010 to 2011: JCS-Burundi coordinator and I coordinated community activities in the province of Gitega on malaria as a volunteer of the association, activity funded by the Global Fund
-June 2011 to June 2014: medical coordinator in ABUBEF

Tasks: coordinating the implementation of the health care program activities reproductive SRH / HIV / AIDS / STI:
 Initiate and develop strategies and health care activities of reproduction that are gender sensitive and which are part of the strategic plan of the ABUBEF,
 Supervise service providers and help them improve their performance,
 Monitor and evaluate the quality of reproductive health care in the delivery points of the ABUBEF services
 Provide access to the latest information on RH / HIV / AIDS / STI using various communication channels including the internet
 Ensure capacity building of service providers to ABUBEF by supportive supervision and training
 Establish and training networks with partner agencies to share resources and medical experiments SRH
 Initiate and coordinate operational research
 Perform medical benefits: Ultrasound, care for PLWHA, including HIV + women and their infants in PMTCT
 Actively participate in the development of annual plans and budgets and reports of activities of the ABUBEF

-April 2012 and March 2013: Training providers on subcutaneous implant (Jadelle) and IUDs
-Formateur On vaccination in Gitega in July 2011

-Professor during disease prevention through vaccination ISD (Institute for Health and Development: Community Health optional) academic year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 and 2013-2014
-formateur the subcutaneous implant; vaccination, IUD, VCT and PMTCT for ABUBEF clinical staff
-Director programs ad interim for 2 Month March à May 2013

-May 2010 to June 2014: Technical Director of the Initiative for the Promotion of Rural Health and Development IPROSARUDE (part-time) and from July 2014 to the present: Executive Director / IPROSARUDE full-time Director of the Medical Center the IPROSARUDE based in Gitega
Tasks :
-Coordinate the technical team IPROSARUDE
- Initiate and develop strategies and health care activities that are sensitive to vulnerable groups that are part of the strategic plan IPROSARUDE,
- Supervise the service providers of the centers of IPROSARUDE and help them improve their performance,
-Ensure capacity building of service providers to IPROSARUDE
-Establish and training networks with partner agencies to share resources and medical experiments
-To mobilize funds through the development of projects for submission to donors
-Coordinate medical research in the IPROSARUDE
-Represent the association to third parties delegation representing equal
-Make budget monitoring in collaboration with the Finance Department
Monitor) evaluation of interventions made on site by IPROSARUDE
- Coordinate medical center activities IPROSARUDE Gitega

participation in the development of national documents:

1. the module on FP and basic EmONC
2. participation in the development of the strategy and SSR Module / Integrated HIV
3. Submission of the draft KARADIRIDIMBA BY BURUNDI Government of Gavi Alliance
4.Plan elimination of neonatal tetanus
5.SRH mapping by PSI Burundi

Consultancy -Work:

1. Consultancy on hygiene on behalf of World Vision 2 weeks MUYINGA July 2010
2. Consultancy for SRH Care International in March 2013 for the training of project staff Umwizero Ngozi

-Participated Steering committee:

1. Participation Steering Committee on the Study of the extent of abortion BURUNDI / ABUBEF
2. Study of cost / ABUBEF
3. SSR Study of Youth / PSI
4. Rapid assessment of the integration SRH-HIV / UNFPA
5. Evaluation of access to post-abortion care in clinics in ABUBEF
6.Evaluation Strategic Plan 2010-2015 ABUBEF

-Search Used:
1. Anemia and Pregnancy at CHU KAMENGE about 377 cases, medical thesis
2. Acceptability of subcutaneous implant in ABUBEF the clinics in 2012, operational research
Current research -Work:

3.cervical cancer in Gitega district

-Distribution Of good practices and abstracts:
The introduction of no-scalpel vasectomy in BURUNDI broadcast in the forum for disseminating the IPPF
-Acceptability of subcutaneous implant clinics
Coordinates projects:
-The Project that integrates men SSR
-the introduction of vasectomy in BURUNDI
-The start maternity ABUBEF
-the extension of PMTCT and nutrition in 6 provinces intervention ABUBEF
-the center of the model reproduction ABUBEF
-the prevention and management of sexual violence
-The overall management of HIV
-The Management of post-abortion care
-the social franchise
-the sexual health among youth and adolescents in IPROSARUDE
-the BIRATURABA Project
-sangwe kibondo project

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