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Dr. Dana Ciobotea MD, PhD

Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Job Title:
Medical Doctor
Medical School:
"Victor Babeş" University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Residency Program:
Bucharest, Romania

I was born on March 18 1987 in Drobeta Romania. I graduated University of Medicine and Pharmacy " Victor Babes ", Timisoara (Romania) between 2006-2012. Following examination of national residential 1 January 2013 I started residency training in Ophthalmology specialty.In October 2016 I passed the examination of professional competence, thus I became specialist doctor in Ophthalmology. In October 2013 I began doctoral studies at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes research on the topic "SLEEP CHARACTERISTICS AND STATE OF WELL-BEING IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING CATHARACT SURGERY".I completed the Ph.d. in 2016 after sustaining I obtained the title of Doctor in medical sciences.
Along the 4 years of residency in training I've done (Basics of medical optics , Teaching courses : cataract surgery , refractive surgery , corneal surgery skills / WETLABS, Retinal photocoagulation, Diagnosis and treatment of various forms of strabismus, Competence in performing and interpreting OCT, Wetlab phacoemulsification Course, Course surgical techniques for cataract, The basics of Corneal topography ;Non-infectious peripheral ulcerative keratitis and secondary corneal perforations: clinical and surgical management).
I participated in various national and international congresses: 12th EGS Congress - Praga (Cehia)-2016.
ESCRS Congress London, Sept 2014, Istanbul Febr 2015, Barcelona Sept 2015 National Ophthalmology Congress Sinaia 2013,2015
Annual Congress of contact lens and cornea of the Romanian Society and ocular surface, November 2014, 2015
Annual Conference of the Romanian Society of Retina, June 2015
The II Congress of the Romanian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in June 2015
First Congress of the Romanian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in June 2014
Sixth edition of the annual meeting of ophthalmologists and glaucoma national conference -May 2014 Iasi, Romania
Glaucoma National Conference in Sibiu, March 2013, 2014
Full member of the Romanian Society of Ophthalmology (RSO).
I am able to work in team ,volunteering in the charity.

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