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Dr. Dina Tadros MD

Pediatric, Strabismus, Genetics
Job Title:
Assistant Lecturer
Medical School:
Tanta Unversity hospital, Egypt
Residency Program:
Tanta University Hospital, Egypt
Tanta, Egypt
American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)

Degrees and Diplomas:M.B.Ch.B. November 2005 Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt . Master of Ophthalmology April 2010 Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt.
Present Appointment:
Assistant lecturer of ophthalmology "subspecialty pediatric ophthalmology ", Faculty of medicine, Tanta University, Egypt.
Research Fellow of pediatric Ophthalmology on Storm Eye Institute, Medical University of South Carolina, USA, from November 2013 till July 2015.
- Best paper of session award ASCRS 2015 titled 'Ocular Axial Growth in Pseudophakic Eyes of Patients Operated for Monocular Infantile Cataract: A Comparison of Operated and Fellow Eyes Measured at Surgery and 5 or More Years Later '.
-First place paper award ASCRS 2015 titled" Long Long-Term Changes in Refraction after Primary Monocular IOL implantation In Infancy" .
- Best paper of session award ASCRS 2016 titled" Secondary intraocular lens implantation following infantile cataract surgery: Indication, lens placement, long-term postoperative outcomes"
Publications LISTS:
1-Paper titled "Primary versus Secondary IOL Implantation Following Removal of an Infantile Unilateral Congenital Cataract: Outcomes after Five Years or More" ( J AAPOS 2016;20:25-29)
Main Author: Dina Tadros, MD.Co-authors: Rupal H Trivedi, MD, M. Edward Wilson, MD
2-Paper titled "Ocular axial growth in pseudophakic eyes of patients operated for monocular infantile cataract: a comparison of operated and fellow eyes measured at surgery and 5 or more years later"( J AAPOS 2016;20:210-213).
Main Author: Dina Tadros, MD, Co-authors: Rupal H Trivedi, MD, M. Edward Wilson, MD and Jennifer D. Davidson, MD
3-Paper titled" Glaucoma and Retained Triamcinolone in Pediatric Cataract Surgery" Eye Journal. Main Author: M. Edward Wilson, MD,Co-authors: Rupal H Trivedi, MD , Dina Tadros , MD
4-Paper titled "Secondary intraocular lens implantation following infantile cataract surgery: Intraoperative indications, postoperative outcomes" Eye journal.
Main Author: Katherine S. Wood, MSC, Co-authors: Dina Tadros, MD, Rupal H. Trivedi, MD, MSCR, M. Edward Wilson, MD

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