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Enhancing Eye Care

The ICO helps to define and shares information on appropriate eye care. We support the establishment of a universal high standard of quality for ophthalmic professional services to improve access to affordable, quality eye care for all people worldwide.


The ICO collaborates with ophthalmologic organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations to increase support for eye care and prevention of vision loss worldwide. More »

International Clinical Guidelines

International Guidelines are prepared and distributed to serve a supportive and educational role for ophthalmologists worldwide, and are intended to improve the quality of eye care… More »

Diabetic Eye Care

ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care The Guidelines are for the screening of diabetics, and to assess and treat people with diabetic retinopathy and other ocular… More »


The ICO Guidelines for Glaucoma Eye Care are international guidelines for the evaluation and management of glaucoma, based on existing guidelines and other resources. The… More »

Uncorrected Refractive Error

There are an estimated 153 million persons worldwide with visual loss from uncorrected refractive error, according to the… More »

Eye Care Standards, Ethics & Research

Functional vision defines how a person performs in vision-related activities, more than how the eye functions (visual function). Functional vision is directly related to… More »

Data on Ophthalmologists Worldwide

Between March 2010 and April 2010, the ICO emailed a standardized survey of 12 questions to 213 global ophthalmic societies. Missing data and additional information were… More »

International Classification of Diseases

The International Classification of Diseases is WHO's global standard to report and categorize diseases, health-related conditions and external causes of disease and… More »

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