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Uncorrected Refractive Error

There are an estimated 153 million persons worldwide with visual loss from uncorrected refractive error, according to the World Health Organization. Refractive errors can be diagnosed and treated, often resulting in good visual function.

URE Learning Document

The ICO Task Force on Uncorrected Refractive Errors and School Eye Health was formed in 2007 to strengthen the involvement of the ophthalmic profession, in cooperation with others, to provide better access to high quality, low-cost eye care, especially to regions with limited services.

Learning Document

The Task Force held its last meeting in February 2016, where it launched the Learning Document. This resource presents the lessons learned from the Task Force's eight years of work and experiences.

We are grateful to Light for the World for their significant support of the Task Force over the years.

International Core Curriculum for Refractive Error

Published in January 2011, the International Core Curriculum for Refractive Error focuses on providing training materials for eye care professionals, with the ultimate goal of eliminating or reducing uncorrected refractive error.

The knowledge, skills, and interpersonal behaviors required are focused on the following three core competencies:

  • Patient care
  • Community and health services
  • Medical and refractive knowledge

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