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7th Balkan Ophthalmic Wetlab Course

Topic: Education
Region: Europe
Location: Hilton Sofia Hotel
1 Bulgaria Blvd. , 1421
Sofia, Bulgaria
Map & Directions
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Top ophthalmologists from the Balkans and around Europe will convene to help students improve and practice their surgical skills. The scientific program includes five wetlab courses, including a free practice to experiment with newly learned techniques.

What is wetlab and what to expect from it?

The wetlab is a practical course with different modules using the most actual “state-of-the-art” wetlab technology as well as the MTS eye model with daily fresh porcine eyes. During this wetlab you will receive all necessary knowledge by your tutor. The wetlab stations will be fully equipped with machines, disposable and hand instruments.

There will be 2 participants at each station. When you are ”assisting“ you should help and assist your colleague to perform surgery and you will learn a lot by watching the monitors and listening to the instructor. When you are the surgeon your colleague will assist you. The assistant can also practice changing the various settings of the phaco or vitrectomy machine.

What is free practice wetlab and what to expect from it?

During the free practice sessions you will be able to practice the surgical techniques you have learned in the wetlabs and in the workshops. Although you will have no surgical tutor, the MTS staff will be available to supply you with all the instruments and equipment that you may require. Unfortunately there may be occasions when all the free practice stations are temporarily full. If this is the case please take a seat beside a colleague and assist him or her while he or she is going to assist you afterwards during your practice.

What is a workshop and what to expect from if?

The aim of the workshops is to enable you to build on the basic knowledge you have acquired in the wetlabs, in order to develop the surgical expertise you will require prior to performing these procedures on patients. The workshop programs are shorter and less rigid then those in the wetlabs. This is to allow plenty of times for questions and supervised practice by the participants. Please remember that in addition to these workshops the free practice sessions offer a unique opportunity to perfect your technique.

Early-bird registration ends February 28, 2017. Learn more information on registration and abstract deadlines. 

View the preliminary program 

The courses take place from May 31-June 3, 2017 at the Hilton Sofia Hotel in Bulgaria. The event is organized by the Educational Center Ophthalmology Resbiomed. 

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