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ESME Leadership in Medical Education Online Course

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This 8-week online course focuses on leadership skills and abilities necessary to adapt and sustain health professions education programmes in a rapidly changing and uncertain world.

Four essential themes will be interwoven during the eight-week course:

  • Leadership at the edge of uncertainty
  • Working better together
  • Finding the fix that fits Making the good better

Download the ESME Leadership Online 2017 Course Flyer.

The ESME Leadership in Medical Education Course is relevant and practical for all health care educators and professionals with leadership and organizational responsibilities for programmes, curricula, groups and teams at all levels and scenarios.

The course is aimed at those engaged with medical education, post-graduate training, continuing and workplace education. It will be of value to clinical and educational supervisors, to course directors and department chairs/chiefs, and to members of institutional curriculum committees.

The ESME Leadership in Medical Education Course will benefit professionals who must make decisions in unpredictable environments, and who work across disciplinary, social and organizational boundaries.

The ESME Leadership in Medical Education Course provides leadership with both a practical and theoretical foundation and the ability to recognize complex patterns, take low risk wise action and stay in a position of inquiry. It provides ways to build resilience and sustain innovation and change in an uncertain world.

The course build on previous ESME courses or similar experience and addresses practical workplace issues providing disciplined methods and approaches to seemingly intractable problems.

Participants who satisfactorily complete the course work will receive two certificates: an AMEE-ESME Certificate in Leadership in Medical Education and a Human Systems Dynamics Certificate of completion of an Adaptive Action Lab in Leadership in Medical Education.

Fees include access to Adobe Connect interactive presentations, participation in an online forum facilitate by a tutor, course resource materials, assessment of course work and if the work is completed satisfactorily, the award of two Certificates: an AMEE-ESME Certificate in Medical Education Leadership and a Human Systems Dynamics Institute Adaptive Action Lab Certificate in Leadership in Health Professions Education.

  • Standard Fee (includes membership of AMEE including access to MedEdWorld for one year) £545
  • Fee for AMEE members £475
  • Participants from countries less well resourced (includes access to MedEdWorld) £285

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