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Ottawa-ICME 2018

Topic: Conference/Congress
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Two conferences, one registration.

  • OTTAWA 2018: Authentic Assessment across Continuum of Health Professions Education
  • ICME 2018: Reforming Health Professions Education for better Healthcare & Patient Safety

The Ottawa Conference on the Assessment of Competence in Medicine and the Healthcare Professions is held biennially. They provide a forum for medical and other health care profession educationalists to network and share ideas on all aspects of the assessment of competence in both clinical and non-clinical domains, throughout the continuum of education. Participants include both those new to the area of assessment and those with many year’s experience to share.

International Conference on Medical Education (ICME) launched to provide a credible platform for interaction of world renowned experts in Health Profession Education and those from developing countries aspiring to reform Health Profession Education in their countries to bring it at par with international standards.

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