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5th Evolving Practice of Ophthalmology Middle East Conference (EPOMEC 2018)

Topic: Conference/Congress
Location: Conrad Hotel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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The EPOMEC conference is a platform for delegates from MENA & Asia- Pacific regions to meet and discuss the evolution of Ophthalmology practice in the Middle East in the presence of emerging technology as well as the latest scientific knowledge, advancements, issues and challenges in the field of ophthalmology.

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This year's EPOMEC 2018 conference highlight:

  • Two speakers on the stage at the same time with two different top
  • 3D near live surgery
  • Breakfast with experts,
  • Voting through iPad system, and much more..

EPOMEC 2018 would showcase key note speakers, experts from Italy, USA, Spain, Canada, KSA, UAE, Egypt, India and many more from countries around the world. They will be introducing an incomparable program that will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Ophthalmology

The 5th edition of the Evolving Practice of Ophthalmology Middle East Conference (EPOMEC) 2018 will take place from 15th - 17th March 2018 in Dubai, UAE at the Conrad Hotel.

There will also be an exhibition alongside the conference where delegates can view the latest innovations, improvements and cutting edge technology in the field of ophthalmology from industry participants.

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