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Criteria and Expectations

To be eligible for membership in the International Council of Ophthalmology, organizations must:

  • Be a not-for-profit society or association.
  • Be composed of ophthalmologists and others who work with ophthalmologists, or be composed of ophthalmological societies or ophthalmic organizations.
  • Have regular election of officers.
  • Hold regular governing board meetings.
  • Be willing to pay ICO dues and name an official Representative to participate in the ICO General Assembly every two years.
  • Support the goals and programs of the ICO.
  • Be approved by the ICO.

National ophthalmologic societies must also:

  • Represent ophthalmologists primarily in one country, and 
  • Be the primary or one of the primary ophthalmologic societies in that country.

Regional societies must also:

  • Work to strengthen the national ophthalmologic societies within the region.

Subspecialty and related societies must also:

  • Represent ophthalmologists in a subspecialty or other area of interest closely tied to ophthalmology (e.g., ophthalmic education or research).
  • Sponsor regular meetings that attract an audience from many countries.
  • Have a substantial international membership, preferably at least 100 members, with at least 40% of members practicing outside of the society’s home country.
  • Pay dues based on your country's World Bank ranking. 

The ICO expects all Members to:

  • Provide input into ICO policies, programs, and initiatives.
  • Name an official Representative (preferably an officer who will have some continuity) to participate in the ICO General Assembly at the World Ophthalmology Congress® every two years.
  • Name an Advocate to work with the ICO on advocacy issues.
  • Pay dues of 3.3 CHF (Swiss francs) per member per year.

Download ICO Membership Criteria (PDF – 2 MB)

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