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ICO Insight

The ICO Insight newsletter offers news and resource announcements designed to keep everyone interested in ophthalmology updated about global ophthalmic issues and important upcoming events.

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Most Recent Issue:

May 2021: Read the ICO’s 2020 Annual Report and Save the Date for the Next World Ophthalmology Congress

Previous Issues:


April 2021: Open Access to New Subspecialty Symposia on the ICO Portal
April 2021: New ICO Member Society and Upcoming World Health Events
March 2021: Neeru Gupta Appointed New ICO President
February 2021: ICO Fellowships and New Lancet Report on Global Eye Health
January 2021: Celebrating Every Victory


December 2020: Celebrating 25 Years of ICO Examinations
November 2020: WHO Releases Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Guide
November 2020: ICO Insight: All Eyes on World Diabetes Day
October 2020: World Sight Day on 8 October
September 2020: ICO Insight: Sight for All, Our Shared Purpose
August 2020: ICO Insight: Bringing Ophthalmologists Together
April 2020: ICO Insight: Uniting Virtually to Share Knowledge
April 2020: World Ophthalmology Congress 2020 Goes Virtual
March 2020: Global Efforts to Tackle COVID-19
February 2020: Announcing 2020 ICO Medal and Award Recipients


December 2019: Advocacy and the World Report on Vision
September 2019: Dr. Ivo Kocur Appointed as New CEO of the ICO
May 2019: ICO and IAPB Working Together
March 2019: ICO Insight - March 2019
February 2019: ICO Exam Centers Expand to 7 New Countries
January 2019: Celebrating Another Year of ICO Achievements


October 2018: International Search - ICO Chief Executive Officer
August 2018: Peter Wiedemann New ICO President
July 2018: 146 Countries Work to Advance Eye Health at WOC2018
May 2018: Reduced Registration Rates for WOC2018 Ending Soon!
April 2018: WOC2018 Deadline approaching
WOC2018: Special Issue - Why you don't want to miss WOC2018
February 2018: In Remembrance: Dr. Benjamin Boyd
January 2018: Appreciation to ICO Volunteers and Contributors


December 2017: Happy New Year to Our Friends and Colleagues
November 2017: WOC2018 Abstract and Registration Deadlines Fast Approaching
October 2017: Critical New Data on Vision Impairment
September 2017: ICO Celebrates 160 Years
August 2017: Latest Projections on Global Blindness and Low Vision Published
July 2017: ICO Strategic Plan Outlines Roadmap for 2017–2020
June 2017: In Remembrance: Prof. Akira Nakajima
May 2017: Announcing WOC2018 Award Recipients
April 2017: Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute Officially Opens
March 2017: WOC2022: Say G’Day to Melbourne!
February 2017: In Remembrance: Prof. Peter Watson
January 2017: Thank You to Volunteers and Staff from ICO President Hugh Taylor


December 2016: ICO Insight: Message from Prof. Hugh Taylor, ICO President
November 2016: Special Issue - ICO Fellowships and ICO Examinations
October 2016: 2017 Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care Now Available
September 2016: ICO WORLD Meeting in Chicago: Transforming Organizations
August 2016: Registration Now Open for WOC2018 in Barcelona!
July 2016: Attend Conference for Educators at 2016 AAO Annual Meeting
June 2016: ICO Advocates Global Ban on Consumer Fireworks
May 2016: ICO Reviewing WHO Essential Medicines
April 2016: WOC2016 Scientific Presentations Available Online
March 2016: Join the ICO in Bahrain for the MEACO International Congress May 4–8, 2016
February 2016: Valuable New Resource: ICO Guidelines for Glaucoma
February 2016: ICO Insight Wrap-Up Issue: Focus on WOC2016
January 2016: Thank You ICO Volunteers for Your Contributions to WOC2016 and Support of ICO Programs and Initiatives


December 2015: Update on ICO Activities in 2015
November 2015: ICO Examinations Celebrate 20 Years!
Special Issue: WOC2016 Highlights: WOC2016 Latest News and Numbers
October 2015: WOC2016 Scientific Program Is Online !
September 2015: WOC2016 by the Numbers!
August 2015: ICO Joins the IAPB Call to Support Advocacy for Universal Health Coverage
July 2015: Hurry! Now is Your Last Chance to Register for WOC2016 at the Lowest Possible Rate
June 2015: Reserve Your Spot Today for WOC2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico
May 2015: Ophthalmological Society of South Africa Selected to Host WOC2020
April 2015: See You at the SOE Congress in Vienna, Austria
March 2015: See You at the APAO Congress in Guangzhou, China
February 2015: Join the ICO at the SOI Congress in Milan, Italy
January 2015: Thank You ICO Volunteers for Advancing Vision


December 2014: WOC2016: Reserve Your Spot Today as Rates Go Up After December 31
November 2014: Focus on Leadership at WORLD Meeting in Chicago
Inaugural Issue: ICO Insight: News, Resources, and Events for the World's Ophthalmologists

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