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January 2016
Ico Insight : News, Resources, and Events fort he World’s Ophthalmologists

Thank You ICO Volunteers for Your Contributions to WOC2016 and Support of ICO Programs and Initiatives

Hugh Taylor, MD, AC <br> ICO President Hugh Taylor, MD, AC
ICO President

As we start the New Year and look forward to the February 5–9 World Ophthalmology Congress® (WOC2016) in Guadalajara, Mexico, I would like to thank all the ophthalmologists worldwide who contributed to the creation of an outstanding scientific program.

The WOC is the ICO’s premier educational event, and it is due to the commitment of our volunteer Board of Trustees, Advisory Committee, committees, and task forces, as well as our mighty team of staff members, that we are able to develop and offer innovative programs and initiatives to preserve and restore vision. Thank you all for your tremendous support and contributions.

Events You Do Not Want to Miss at WOC2016

The WOC officially begins on February 5 with the Opening Ceremony and and Welcome Reception. In this issue of ICO Insight, we highlight additional events you will want to make sure to attend.

WOC2016 is hosted by the Sociedad Mexicana de Oftalmología (SMO) and co-hosted by the Pan American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO). The PAAO and SMO are holding their 2016 congresses in conjunction with WOC2016. They have organized a variety of sessions in Spanish, and you can see the full list here: To review all the sessions at WOC2016, go to:

Register On-Site for WOC2016

If you have not registered for WOC2016, have no worries––you can register on-site at Expo Guadalajara beginning at noon on Thursday, February 4. Come early and avoid the lines.

For information about WOC2016, including registration rates, go to:

Named Lectures at WOC2016

Individuals who have made significant contributions in ophthalmology will be presenting named lectures at the Congress: Honorees include:

  • PAAO Gradle Lecture
    Nicolás G. Bazan, MD, PhD, will discuss “Molecular Clues to Understand Retinal Degenerative Diseases: Novel Neuroprotection Mechanisms” on Saturday, February 6, 9:15–10:30 in Expo Guadalajara, Room Guadalajara 7.
  • Bruce Spivey Lecture
    David S. Taylor, FRCOphth, DSc(Med), will present the lecture “Listen, Look, Think: Make Diagnoses!” at the World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium luncheon on Saturday, February 6. Attendance is by invitation only. 
  • Mark Tso Golden Apple Award Lecture
    Richard Abbott, MD, will discuss “Creating the Link Between Clinical Guidelines and Outcomes Data: Its Impact on Future Ophthalmic Education” at the World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium luncheon on Saturday, February 6. Attendance is by invitation only.
  • International Society of Ophthalmic Pathology (ISOP) Klintworth Lecture
    Ralph Eagle, Jr., MD, will present the inaugural ISOP Klintworth Lecture as first presenter at the ISOP Symposium–Infection of the Eye and Adnexa on Sunday, February 7, 8:30–10:00 in Expo Guadalajara, Room Joya I & II.
  • Peter Halberg Lecture
    Yoshikazu Shimomura, MD, PhD, will speak about “Contact Lens Complications: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice” as part of the Post-Refractive Surgery and Contact Lenses/Contact Lens Complications Symposium on Sunday, February 7, 14:00–15:30 in Expo Guadalajara, Room Calzado I & II.
  • Newton Kara-José Lecture
    Fernando Abib, MD, PhD will discuss “The Sampling Error of Specular Microscopy of the Cornea and the Role of Readability Indexes” on Monday, February 8, 8:30–10:00 in Expo Guadalajara, Room Calzado I & II.
  • Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis (AOI) Lecture
    Rubens Belfort, Jr., MD, PhD, will present “Management of Surgical Complications of Uveitis: An Outcome and Experience Based Approach” on Monday, February 8, 16:00–17:30 in Expo Guadalajara, Room Guadalajara 4.

ICO Guidelines to Manage Open and Closed Angle Glaucoma

Sunday, February 7: 16:00–17:30
Expo Guadalajara: Room Alcade

Presentations at this ICO Symposium will include introduction of the ICO Guidelines for Open and Closed Angle Glaucoma; essential tools and clinical tests to diagnose open angle glaucoma; how to recognize uncontrolled open angle glaucoma and the need to add treatment; and a management approach to open angle glaucoma.

The ICO Guidelines for Open and Closed Angle Glaucoma are a valuable new resource for health professionals, serving to reduce the amount of blindness and vision loss from glaucoma by facilitating diagnosis and treatment. The release of the Guidelines corresponds with recent efforts to raise global awareness of glaucoma, including January Glaucoma Month and World Glaucoma Week, March 6-12.

Global Diabetic Eye Care Symposium

Sunday, February 7: 8:30–10:00
Expo Guadalajara: Room Alcade

At this ICO Symposium, attendees will receive an update on the ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care; gain understanding of successful diabetic eye screening projects; learn about new technology for diabetic eye screening; and obtain information about developing a high quality diabetic grader.

WOEC: Training Teams and Tips for Ophthalmic Educators

Gabriela Palis, MD <br>  Chair, ICO Teaching the Teachers Committee Gabriela Palis, MD
Chair, ICO Teaching the Teachers Committee

Saturday, February 6–Monday, February 8
Expo Guadalajara: Room Joya I

The World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium (WOEC) symposia and courses spotlight educational techniques, technologies, and tips designed to improve teaching effectiveness. The WOEC, which is open to all WOC registrants, is designed for a diverse audience––from trained educators to practicing ophthalmologists interested in education. Review the full WOEC session schedule.

The WOEC course “Tips for Ophthalmic Educators: Improving Your Presentation Skills” will be a “flipped classroom.” To facilitate deeper learning, access course materials in advance at:

ICO Reception for Ophthalmic Educators

Karl Golnik, MD, MEd <br> ICO Director for Education Karl Golnik, MD, MEd
ICO Director for Education

The ICO is hosting an inaugural reception for its newly launched ICO Ophthalmic Educators Group (ICO-OEG), and anyone interested in ophthalmic education is welcome to attend. Please RSVP at:

The ICO-OEG was formed in recognition that ophthalmic education is a distinct subspecialty of ophthalmology and serves to support educators and teachers of ophthalmology. The group will provide a platform for collaboration, networking, and professional development for everyone interested in ophthalmic education. Membership in the ICO-OEG is free, and we invite you to join by going to:

ICO Advocacy Luncheon

Serge Resnikoff, MD, PhD <br> ICO Director for Advocacy Serge Resnikoff, MD, PhD
ICO Director for Advocacy

At this invitation-only ICO Advocacy Luncheon, society-appointed ICO Advocates will be provided with information, resources, and guidance to work with national VISION 2020 Coordinating Committees, non-governmental organizations, and others to inform their national government about the importance and benefits of increasing support for eye care. The ICO is in official relations with the World Health Organization and the ICO Advocates play an important role in this relationship.

Serge Resnikoff, MD, PhD, ICO Director of Advocacy, will speak to the need for advocacy; Ivo Kocur, MD, WHO Representative, will discuss the importance of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Action Plan and indicators for success; and Van Lansingh, MD, PhD, Incoming ICO Director for Advocacy, will discuss the cost of blindness and the role of ICO Advocates.

Young Ophthalmologist Symposium

Sunday, February 7: 16:00–17:30
Expo Guadalajara: Salon Tlaquepaque 

International mentors and young ophthalmologists will present a variety of topics focusing on career development, from pursuing a faculty position in academic ophthalmology to being a successful clinician scientist to pathways to private practice and leadership.

This symposium is collaboration between the Young Ophthalmologist Committees of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, European Society of Ophthalmology, and the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology.

Late-Breaking News Abstracts

Sunday, February 7: 8:30–10:00
Expo Guadalajara: Salon Tlaquepaque 

Rapidly advancing investigations will be presented that highlight novel and substantive studies of high impact. As one example, Ocular Findings Associated to Congenital Zika Virus Infection will discuss the current outbreak in South America. See the list of all Late-Breaking News Abstracts at:

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