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April 2016
Ico Insight : News, Resources, and Events fort he World’s Ophthalmologists

WOC2016 Scientific Presentations Available Online

More than 200 presentations from the 2016 World Ophthalmology Congress® (WOC) of the International Council of Ophthalmology are online and available for free at WOC On Demand:

If you missed a session or talk, browse content and watch slides with the original audio. Search by subject and hear experts discuss surgical pearls, new instrumentation, as well as novel techniques and approaches for a wide array of procedures. Topics online include:

  • Cataract Surgery Olympics
  • Managing Glaucoma in Resource Limited Settings
  • WOC Day of Landmark Advancements (2014–2016)
  • Improving Continuing Education Worldwide with ICO Programs

What was your favorite WOC2016 moment? See the movie on the WOC Facebook page, at:

ICO Oculoplastics Subspecialty Curriculum Needs Your Feedback

The new ICO Subspecialty Curriculum for Training in Ophthalmic and Facial Plastic Surgery is online for review and comment. The curriculum presents an international consensus on what ophthalmologic subspecialists in training should be taught, with the intention that it be adapted and modified to meet local and regional needs.

The Oculoplastics Curriculum Committee, co-chaired by Santosh Honavar, MD, FACS, and Christine Nelson, MD, would like you to consider the content’s accuracy, ease of adaptability, and relevance to your region, and provide feedback in the comments section. Review and comment on the draft Oculoplastics Subspecialty Curriculum now.

Subspecialty curricula for cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery; neuro-ophthalmology; and glaucoma are available for download from the ICO website. A subspecialty curriculum for pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus is expected to be available for review and comment later this year. Access finalized ICO curricula.

Ukrainian Translation of ICO Residency Curriculum

Dr. Catherine Green <br> Chair, Curricula Subcommittee on Residency Training Dr. Catherine Green
Chair, Curricula Subcommittee on Residency Training

The ICO Residency Curriculum’s "year one" basic level has been translated into Ukrainian and is available for download on the ICO website. The translation is presented in a dual language format with English and Ukrainian side by side.

Appreciation is extended to volunteer translator Olena Hurzhii and reviewer Oksana Vitovska. Access the ICO Residency Curriculum and translations.

Historic Meeting Sets Groundwork for Standardized Training in Sub-Saharan Africa

Participants at the March 2016 meeting in Accra, Ghana. Participants at the March 2016 meeting in Accra, Ghana.

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and the African Ophthalmology Council convened a meeting March 18–19 in Accra, Ghana, to explore harmonizing a curriculum for ophthalmology training across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Attended by presidents of the six colleges of ophthalmology in SSA, as well as leadership from the ICO and the Société Africaine Francophone d’Ophthalmologie, participants agreed to a vision of a single, harmonized African curriculum for basic ophthalmology training in SSA, with the goal of meeting this aim by the 2020 World Ophthalmology Congress® in Cape Town, South Africa.

Through this shared common purpose, access to quality eye care will be improved across SSA. The Accra meeting report, when finalized, will be on the IAPB Africa website,, where you can also learn more about IAPB Africa and read their newsletter.

WHO Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) draft document “Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030” recognizes that health systems only function successfully when there is universal access to quality health workers.

The draft document will inform discussion by WHO Member States at the January 2017 World Health Assembly Executive Board meeting in Geneva and sets forth two objectives:

  • Optimize performance, quality and impact of the health workforce through evidence-informed policies on human resources for health, contributing to healthy lives and well-being, effective universal health coverage, resilience, and health security at all levels; and
  • Align investment in human resources for health with the current and future needs of the population taking account of labor market dynamics, to enable maximum improvements in health outcomes, employment creation, and economic growth.

New Advocacy Tool: Estimating the Cost of Blindness

A simple method for estimating the economic cost of productivity loss due to blindness and visual impairment within a country is offered by Van Lansingh, MD, ICO Director for Advocacy; Serge Resnikoff, MD, PhD, ICO Director for Eye Care Delivery; and co-authors in an article published recently in Ophthalmic Epidemiology.

The article, “A Simple Method for Estimating the Economic Cost of Productivity Loss Due to Blindness and Moderate to Severe Visual Impairment,” concludes the global economy would have much to gain if eye care were made more accessible and affordable to all.

Read the article at:

MEACO Workshops and Reception for Ophthalmic Educators

The Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO) and the ICO are collaborating on ophthalmic education sessions at the MEACO May 4–8, 2016, Congress in Manama, Bahrain. Workshops will highlight:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Performance Assessment Methods (Residents, Faculty, Program)
  • How to Write Multiple Choice Questions, and
  • Large Group Instruction.

The sessions will conclude with the symposium, “Improving Educational Effectiveness.” Learn more about the ICO education sessions at MEACO.

Reception for Ophthalmic Educators on May 3

All those attending the MEACO congress who are involved in teaching are invited to attend the ICO Ophthalmic Educators Group (ICO-OEG) reception on Tuesday, May 3 at the Golden Tulip Hotel.

The evening event will provide information about the ICO-OEG and preview the upcoming educational sessions at the MEACO Congress. For information and to RSVP, go to:

Find detailed information about the MEACO Congress at: Download and view the MEACO scientific program:

APAO 2016 Awards Ceremony Honorees

At the 31st Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, March 24–27, the APAO recognized the following ophthalmologists for their exceptional contributions to eye care in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond:

  • Jose Rizal Medal: Tetsuro Oshika, MD, PhD (Japan):
  • Jose Rizal International Medal: Jerry Shields, MD (USA)
  • De Ocampo Lecture: Prof. Jimmy Lai, MBBS, DO, MD (Hong Kong)
  • Holmes Lecture: Shigeru Kinoshita, MD, PhD (Japan)
  • Susruta Lecture: R.D. Ravindran, MS, DO (India)
  • Arthur Lim Award: Ava Hossain, MBBS, FCPS, FICS (Bangladesh)
  • Nakajima Award: Catherine Green, FRANZCO, MBBS, MBChB (Australia)
  • ICO Mark Tso Golden Apple Award: Kanxing Zhao, MD (China)

After the awardees were recognized, Congress President Lin-Chung Woung, MD, and APAO President Dennis Lam, FRCOphth, FRCS, MD, presented a check for US$13,000 to the Nepal Ophthalmic Society. The funds were collected from the Run for Nepal, which was organized by the APAO to help with Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction efforts.

Thank You Rosetta Foundation

The ICO’s Residency Program Directors Courses emphasize methods of instruction, assessment, and competency measurement to increase the quality of ophthalmic training worldwide.

In an effort to continually improve, the ICO measures the impact of the course through pre-course and post-course evaluations. Language barriers, however, can limit understanding of both the ICO’s survey questions and the participant’s responses. 

The Rosetta Foundation is generously providing pro bono translation services of these materials in their mission to promote equal access to knowledge across the languages of the world in support of health care. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to The Rosetta Foundation and their translator volunteers for translating these items into Chinese, English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Urdu. For information about The Rosetta Foundation and the services they provide, go to:

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