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ICO Notes

The International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) sends a monthly e-mail newsletter called ICO Notes to the leaders of ICO Member societies.

If you are part of an ICO Member society and would like to subscribe, please send a request to

July 2014: Register Now for WOC2016 and Receive an ICO Member Discount

Previous Issues:


June: More Benefits for ICO Member Societies!
May: Please Give Us Your Feedback on WOC2014
April: Greetings from the New ICO President
March: See You in Tokyo!
February: WOC2014 Reduced Registration Rates End March 3rd!
January: New ICO Subspecialty Curricula Available for Online Review and Comment


December: Thanks for a Great 2013, Looking Ahead to 2014
November: WORLD: A Global Perspective on Diabetic Retinopathy in New Orleans
October: WOC2014: First Early Bird Registration Ends November 1!
September: WOC2014: Invited Scientific Program is Now Online!
August: ICO Member Societies Presenting Symposia at WOC2014
July: Enhance Your Teaching Capability: Rio de Janeiro Conference for Educators
June: New Online Foundation Assessment Examination
May: Free WOC Registration for ICO Representative
April: WOC2014 Registration Now Open!
March: Investing in Vision: Advocacy Resources You Can Use
February: What Are You Doing about Diabetic Retinopathy?
January: WOC2014 Tokyo: Scientific Program Underway!


November: Benefitting Your Society and Eye Care Initiatives Around the World
October: Participate and Make Your Voice Heard
September: Please Join Us at ICO WORLD on November 10 in Chicago
Special Issue, August: ICO Board Approves Béatrice Cochener and Frank Martin as New Members of ICO Board
August: Collaborating with Societies to Enhance Eye Care Worldwide
July: Increasing Support for Eye Care: The ICO Needs You to Name Your “Advocate”
June: ICO General Assembly: Focus on Team Training and Diabetic Retinopathy
April/May: ICO Board Elects CEO and Vice President
March: Outstanding WOC in Abu Dhabi
February: WOC2012 Preview
January: New ICO Web Site Tools to Post Society News


December: Deadline for Free WOC 2012 Registration for ICO Representatives is January 1
November: Preliminary Approval on ICO Change in Statutes
October: Supporting Our Member Societies
September: Call for Applications for ICO CEO
August: ICO Benefits for Member Societies
July: Join Us in Orlando To Define International Ophthalmology 2021
June: Important Dates and Deadlines
May: WOC 2012 Registration–See You in Abu Dhabi
April: The ICO “Down Under”
March: WOC 2012 Registration, the ICO “Down Under”
February: Innovation and Interaction at WOC 2012
January: ICO Notes: Strategic and Other Plans for 2011


December: Thanks for a Great 2010, Looking Ahead to 2011
November: Strategic Planning Progress, 2010 Program Update
October: Please Share Your Views with the ICO
September: Conferences for Educators and ICO Member Services
August: International Ophthalmology, Past and Present
July: Selected WOC 2010 Presentations Now Online
June: Highlights of WOC 2010
May: Creating Your WOC 2010 Schedule
April: New ICO Identity
March: How Many Ophthalmologists in Your Country?
February: Remembering Yasuo Tano
January: Helping Haiti


December: Please Help Us Promote the WOC in Berlin
November: ICO Board, Committees Meet in San Francisco
October: ICO to Address Technology, New Programs in San Francisco
September: Please Let Us Know What You Need
August: The Starfish, the Spider and International Ophthalmology
July: See You in Berlin - Plan for WOC 2010
June: Please Comment on Refocusing Ophthalmic Education
May: ICO WORLD Meeting & APAO Congress in Bali
April: Please Join Us in Refocusing Ophthalmic Education
March: ICO Asks Societies to Collaborate on CME
February: In Memory of Professor Yasuo Tano
January: WHO Executive Board Meeting and O.N.E. Network

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