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ICO Leader Letter

The monthly e-newsletter, ICO Leader Letter, offers news and resource announcements designed to help anyone interested in ophthalmology keep updated about global ophthalmic issues and important upcoming events.   The ICO Leader Letter focuses on sharing updates about ICO programs, resources, and events.

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September 2014: ICO-Sponsored Events and Courses During AAO 2014

Previous Issues:


August: Draft ICO Glaucoma Curriculum Available for Comment
July: Deadline for ICO Fellowship Applications is September 30
June: Presentations from WOC2014 Available Online
May: ICO Reports on Training Capacity in the SAARC Region
April: WOC2014 Our Largest and Most Successful Congress Ever!
March: See You in Tokyo! Tōkyō de o ai shimasho!
February: Register Now for WOC2014–Reduced Rates End March 3
January: ICO: New Data on Causes of Vision Loss


December: New ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Retinopathy Available Online
November: New Curricula for Subspecialty Training Available Online
October: Welcoming David Pyott as New ICOFoundation President
September: Hilton Foundation Grant to Advance Cataract Services in Africa
August: WORLD in New Orleans: A Team Approach to Diabetic Retinopathy
July: News About the 2013 Pan-American Congress in Brazil
June: New Foundation Assessment Examination Is Online and Available Now!
Special Issue June: Focus on Fellowships
May: Exciting New Programs at WOC2014!
April: Register Now for WOC2014!
March: WOC2014 Abstract Submissions Now Open!
February: New Committees Shape ICO Education
January: News from the APAO-AOIS Congress in Hyderabad


December: See You in Hyderabad!
November: Support for Training Eye Care Teams
October: New Curriculum and Resources for Residency Training
September: Building a World Alliance for Sight
August: Upcoming Courses and Conferences for Ophthalmic Educators
July: ICO: Expanding Fellowship Opportunities
June: ICO Co-sponsors Upcoming APAO Congress in Hyderabad
April/May: ICO Reports Shortfall in the Number of Ophthalmologists
March: WOC Abu Dhabi Highlights & Awards
February: World Ophthalmology Congress® 2012 Preview
January: Center for Ophthalmic Educators Launched to Serve Teachers


December: ICO Helmerich Fellowships Announced
November: WOC 2012 - Online Registration Ends December 15
October: Teaching the Teachers
September: Join Us in Abu Dhabi in February
August: WOC 2012 Invited Program Online
August: Special Issue on the Cataract Challenge
July: News from the Pan-American Congress in Buenos Aires
June: See you in Buenos Aires; Here’s what happened in Geneva
May: WOC 2012 in Abu Dhabi
April: News from the APAO Congress in Sydney; See you in Switzerland
March: APAO Sydney, New Surgical Assessment Tool
February: Supporting Ophthalmic Educators
January: See You In Sydney


December: Diabetic Retinopathy–An Emerging Challenge
November: Facilitating and Supporting Continuing Medical Education
October: New Visual Impairment Estimates from WHO
September: Help Shape the Future of International Ophthalmology
August: New ICO Conferences for Ophthalmic Educators
July: Future Directions for the ICO, More News from WOC 2010
June: Germans Gracious Hosts for Exceptional WOC 2010
May: Bis bald in Berlin (See You in Berlin)
April: Countdown to WOC 2010
March: How To Improve Glaucoma Treatment Worldwide?
February: Strengthening Subspecialty Education
January: WOC 2010, June 5–9 in Berlin


December: Advocating for Eye Care
November: Joint Meeting Highlights, Awards and New Initiatives
October: Connecting and Learning at the AAO/PAAO Joint Meeting
September: Resources for Medical Student Education
August: The Future of Ophthalmic Education is E-Learning
July: ICO Offers New Research Primer
June: Refocusing in Amsterdam - SOE Highlights
May: WHA Endorses Action Plan for the Prevention of Blindness
April: Refocusing Ophthalmic Education
March: New Allied Health Curriculum
February: What is Missing in Residency Education?
January: New ICO Clinical Guideline for HIV/AIDS

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