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November 2016

This issue, we are excited to present new French, Portuguese, and Spanish translations of the ICO-Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubrics (ICO-OSCARs). We thank volunteer translators Drs. Jean-Jacques DeLaey, Helena Filipe, Moon Young Sin, and The Rosetta Foundation for their efforts to make the ICO-OSCARs more accessible.

We would like to thank our editors Drs. Helena Prior Filipe, Karl Golnik, and Andreas Lauer for their contributions this month. Read on for more events and resources for your teaching and students.

Gabriela Palis, MD
Editor in Chief, Center for Ophthalmic Educators

ICO-OSCAR Translations in French, Portuguese, Spanish

The ICO-Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubrics (OSCARs) are behavioral and skill-based rubrics designed to teach and assess an ophthalmologist’s surgical competence. Educators use the rubrics to measure the resident’s capability in performing a specific procedure objectively. They also give learners tools to better gauge their own effectiveness.

The ICO-OSCAR for Lateral Tarsal Strip Surgery has been translated into Spanish by Dr. Moon Young Sin.

The ICO-OSCAR for Phacoemulsification has been translated into French by The Rosetta Foundation and Dr. Jean-Jacques DeLaey.

The ICO-OSCARs for Small Incision Cataract Surgery and for Strabismus have been translated into Portuguese by The Rosetta Foundation and Dr. Helena Filipe.

See all available ICO-OSCARs and related translations.

New Resources for Diabetic Eye Care

Proper screening, assessment, and treatment of diabetic eye disease are critical to reduce worldwide vision loss related to diabetes. Below are new resources for diabetic eye care and the treatment of diabetic retinopathy.

Updated ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care

The 2017 update of the ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care presents a revised consensus for both high resource and low/intermediate resource settings. The updated Guidelines are designed to be adapted as needed to meet local eye care needs and will be revised on an ongoing basis. Access the updated ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care.

CBM Regional Diabetic Retinopathy Programme Manual

The new CBM Regional Diabetic Retinopathy Programme Manual, developed in collaboration with the ICO, translates the ICO Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care into practice focusing on low-resource areas. Access and download the CBM Regional Diabetic Retinopathy Programme Manual.

AAO Diabetic Retinopathy PPP

Updated in February 2016, the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Diabetic Retinopathy Preferred Practice Patterns (PPP) provide guidance for the pattern of practice, not for the care of a particular individual. The guidelines aim to be clinically relevant and specific enough to provide useful information to practitioners. Recommendations are rated to indicate their importance to the care process and the strength of evidence supporting that recommendation. Review the AAO Diabetic Retinopathy PPP.

Directory of Open Access Journals: Medical Education

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals.

Access the directory now.

Portuguese Textbook: ABC Diplopia – Livro: ABC da Diplopia

The Portuguese-language textbook ABC Diplopia, by Dr. Rita Gama, investigates diplopia (double vision) in detail, guiding the reader to diagnosis and effective management supported by the pathology. Strabismus texts are often based on the underlying pathology, which makes them very theoretical and complex to learn. ABC Diplopia was created to "untangle" diplopia and is intended for ophthalmologists, medical students, and orthoptists.

Chamar-se-á "ABC da Diplopia", é dirigido a oftalmologistas, internos e estudantes de medicina e técnicos de ortóptica. Trata-se de um livro técnico, didático, com interesse predominantemente prático. Aborda o sintoma Diplopia (visão dupla) com detalhe, e orienta o leitor para o diagnóstico e a orientação terapêutica, abordando a patologia de uma forma sumária. Os livros de estrabismo que existem publicados (nacionais e internacionais) baseiam-se na patologia e são muito teóricos o que torna a abordagem deste assunto muito complexa. Este livro foi criado para "descomplicar" a diplopia.

Learn more. Aprender mais.

The Adult Learning Theory – Andragogy – of Malcolm Knowles

Andragogy is the art and science of adult learning, according to Malcolm Knowles. In this eLearning Industry article by Christopher Pappas, Knowles’ “Four Principles Of Andragogy” are presented with several resources on Knowles’ Adult Learning Theory.

Learn more about Malcolm Knowles' Andragogy.

Funding for the Ophthalmic Educators Letter is provided in part by Abbott and Santen Pharmaceutical Co.

We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

WOC2020: 26–29 June 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa

The World Ophthalmology Congress® of the International Council of Ophthalmology will include a scientific program of over 350 sessions addressing all subspecialties and related interests in ophthalmology. Revenues from the WOC help support ICO programs, including ophthalmic education, society and leadership development, and advocacy.

Register for WOC2020.

Come to Cape Town, not only to learn the latest in ophthalmology but also to contribute to improving eye health in Africa.

Funding for the Ophthalmic Educators Letter is provided in part by Santen Pharmaceutical Co.

We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

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