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February 2017

This month, we are pleased to announce in-person events at the upcoming Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO Congress), online learning portals from the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) and European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), as well as other resources for your teaching.

The ICO would like to thank our editors Drs. Helena Filipe and Andreas Lauer for their contributions. Read on for more events and resources for your teaching and students.

Gabriela Palis, MD
Editor in Chief, Center for Ophthalmic Educators

Ophthalmic Education Sessions at APAO

Add to your calendar these medical education sessions offered during the upcoming Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress, March 1–5, 2017, in Singapore at the Suntec Convention Center.

The ICO has organized the following sessions:

  • Symposium: “ICO Exams and Fellowships”
  • Workshops:
    • “Student, Faculty, and Program Evaluation”  
    • “Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Your Students” 
    • “Managing Underperformance in Trainees” 
    • “Technology-Assisted Teaching and Learning.”

Learn more about ICO workshops during APAO.

There are additional ophthalmic education sessions and posters during the APAO congress. View them here or review the full APAO scientific program

Reception for Ophthalmic Educators
Please join us for the ICO Ophthalmic Educators Group (ICO-OEG) reception on Wednesday, March 1 at 6 p.m. at the Conrad Centennial Hotel, Singapore.

Everyone interested in ophthalmic education is welcome. While you enjoy light refreshments, meet with educators from the region and ICO education leaders to discuss the ICO-OEG and to preview the educational sessions at the APAO Congress.

Visit the ICO at Booth H39 and review all ICO events at APAO here.

ARVO Online Education

The new online portal for vision researchers from the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) presents research essentials, career development resources, meeting presentations, and more for scientists at all career levels.

Nonmembers can sample select resources and session recordings. A user-account is required to access content.

Explore Online Education from ARVO.

Resources for Patient Safety

Patient safety is a key responsibility of eye care providers. Errors are preventable and often due to a lack of strict protocol or to a breakdown in communication or the standard procedures prior to, during, or following eye surgery. Below are resources advocating the importance of patient safety and how to examine systems to prevent errors.

ICO Position Paper on Surgical Errors

“The ICO’s Global Call for Action to Eliminate Eye Surgical Errors” calls on societies and ophthalmologists worldwide to support and advocate for the elimination of errors related to eye surgery.

Methods to achieve this include educational programs to increase awareness, integrating safety promotion systems, and encouraging ophthalmic societies to develop reporting systems. Read the ICO paper on surgical errors.  

Workshop Guide: Learning From Error

“Patient Safety Workshop Guide: Learning From Error,” is a guide from the World Health Organization (WHO) for developing a workshop to explore weaknesses within a hospital system that can lead to error. It aims to provide all health-care workers and managers with an insight into the underlying causes of such events. Although the workshop materials revolve around an error involving the inappropriate administration of a chemotherapy medication, the underlying principles of why an error occurs are universal. Access the workshop guide

American Academy of Ophthalmology Wrong-Site Task Force Recommendations

The recommendations described by the AAO’s Wrong-Site Task Force are designed to minimize the incidence of preventable surgical errors regarding surgical site and surgical procedure. The document presents suggestions to help surgeons evaluate their own systems to minimize preventable surgical errors further. Basic tenets are outlined to help surgeons devise their procedures organized by steps taken prior to surgery day, steps taken on the day of surgery, and procedures dependent upon pre-operative calculations. View the Wrong-Site Task Force recommendations

Being an Effective Team Player

The WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide for Medical Schools, published in 2009 aims to encourage and facilitate the teaching of patient safety topics to medical students. Topic 4 of the guide covers why teamwork is an essential element of patient safety.

Downlaod the guide.

BMJ Open Ophthalmology

BMJ Open Ophthalmology is an open access journal that publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed articles on basic, translational, and clinical science covering all aspects of ophthalmology and vision science.

Access the journal.

ESCRS Education Portal

The European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) combines all ESCRS resources into one convenient educational portal, which includes: landmark articles, case studies, online accredited courses, videos, and course handouts.

Visit the education portal now.

Ophthalmology Teacher’s Library: Systematic Review of Multisource Feedback Physician Assessment

The Ophthalmology Teacher’s Library blog recommends the Academic Medicine article, “The Reliability, Validity, and Feasibility of Multisource Feedback Physician Assessment: A Systematic Review,” by Drs. Tyrone Donnon, Ahmed Al Ansari, Samah Al Alawi, and Claudio Violato.

Access the article on the education blog.

Recently Added from the AAO

These resources from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) are excellent for practicing ophthalmologists, residents, and subspecialty fellows.

Doctor My Eyes

Diagnose This: Most Appropriate Indication for Chorioretinal Biopsy

Funding for the Ophthalmic Educators Letter is provided in part by Santen Pharmaceutical Co.

We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

WOC2020: 26–29 June 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa

The World Ophthalmology Congress® of the International Council of Ophthalmology will include a scientific program of over 350 sessions addressing all subspecialties and related interests in ophthalmology. Revenues from the WOC help support ICO programs, including ophthalmic education, society and leadership development, and advocacy.

Register for WOC2020.

Come to Cape Town, not only to learn the latest in ophthalmology but also to contribute to improving eye health in Africa.

Funding for the Ophthalmic Educators Letter is provided in part by Santen Pharmaceutical Co.

We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

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