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October 2017

We are pleased to announce a new ICO-OSCAR for Trabeculectomy as well as translations of other rubrics into Spanish and Thai. We thank volunteer translators Drs. Susana Cura and Thachpacha Kaseewat for their efforts to make the ICO-OSCARs more accessible. Continue reading for more information.

Our appreciation to editors Drs. Helena Prior Filipe and Meenakshi Swaminathan for their contributions this month.

Gabriela Palis, MD
Editor in Chief, Center for Ophthalmic Educators

Join Us: New Orleans Conference for Ophthalmic Educators 11 November 2017

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference for Ophthalmic Educators "Improving Teaching Effectiveness" on Saturday, 11 November 2017, from 14:00–17:30, during the American Academy of Ophthalmology's (AAO) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, USA.

The workshops and plenary will cover topics not offered before at Conferences at the AAO meeting:

Workshops (opportunity to attend 2) 

  • Expanding the Education Division in Your Department: Working with Limited Resources 
  • Technology-Assisted Teaching 
  • The Roles and Competencies of a Good Teacher 
  • Types of Written Assessments: Examples and When to Use Each 
  • How to Organize a Successful Clinical Exam 
  • The Elements of Thought: Helping Your Residents Think Critically


  • The Global Spectrum of ICO Education Activities

The Conference for Ophthalmic Educators is open to all AAO registrants at no additional charge and is for anyone interested in education or in improving their own teaching.

Learn more about the 11 November 2017 New Orleans Conference for Educators. Open to all AAO 2017 registrants.

Sign up to receive Conference updates.

Add SYM05 to your AAO schedule.

Presentation Skills Course at AAO

The ICO co-sponsored course, “Presentation Skills: How to Improve the Effectiveness of Lectures” will be held during the AAO meeting on Sunday, 12 November, 14:00–15:00 in Morial Convention Center Room 340-341.

This course intends to increase participants' skills to make lectures more engaging, active, and effective. Participants will consider how to apply adult learning principles to create meaningful presentations, organize content logically, design slides clearly, and present in an interesting, interactive way.

An AAO Course Pass is required to attend this course.

Learn more about the course.

Search Course 248 in the AAO program to add it to your schedule.

New ICO-OSCAR Translations in Thai and Spanish

The ICO-Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubrics (ICO-OSCARs) are behavioral and skill-based rubrics designed to teach and assess an ophthalmologist’s surgical competence. Educators use the rubrics to measure the resident’s capability in performing a specific procedure objectively. They also give learners tools to better gauge their own effectiveness.

The ICO-OSCAR for vitrectomy has been translated into Spanish by Dr. Susana Cura.

The ICO-OSCARs for phacoemulsification, extracapsular cataract extraction, and pediatric cataract have been translated into Thai by Dr. Thachpacha Kaseewat.

See all available ICO-OSCARs and related translations.

New ICO-OSCAR for Trabeculectomy

We are excited to announce that a new ICO-OSCAR for Trabeculectomy was published in the September 2017 issue of the Journal of Glaucoma.


Journal: Educación Médica

The journal, Educación Médica, publishes articles in Spanish and English, and covers all aspects of health sciences education, such as lesson planning and curriculum development, educational resources, teaching methodology, educational techniques, teacher accreditation, learning styles, outcomes, evaluation, etc.

La revista Educación Médica es una revista científica de periodicidad trimestral, que publica artículos en español y en inglés, y que considerará para su publicación aquellos trabajos relacionados con la educación en las Ciencias de la Salud en todos sus aspectos: la planificación docente y el desarrollo de la docencia; los recursos educativos; la metodología docente; las técnicas educativas; la acreditación docente; los estilos de aprendizaje; los resultados; la evaluación; etc.

Access the journal.

Chiefs’ Rounds from Wills Eye Hospital

View recorded “Chiefs’ Rounds” from Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, USA online, where residents present two mystery cases to the Service Chiefs and Attending Physicians.

The case-based learning experience is designed as an ongoing update for practicing ophthalmologists engaged in comprehensive and subspecialty practice, as well as for ophthalmologists in training.

Access the Chiefs’ Rounds recordings.

Retinal Disease: Latest Methods in Diagnosis and Treatment for Clinical Practice

This self-paced, online course from University College London aims to advance knowledge and understanding of the most current methods for diagnosis and treatment of retinal disease.

The course focuses on clinical diagnosis, interpretation of current imaging techniques, and up-to-date clinical guidelines and studies, and is appropriate for ophthalmologists, doctors working with retinal patients, and allied medical professionals.

Learn more about the course.

App: 9 Gaze

The iOS app, 9 Gaze, documents eye motility and strabismus in the nine cardinal positions of gaze. The app provides an on-screen guide for eye positioning to assist with image consistency and automatically creates a composite image of the photographs for easy exporting.

Learn more about the app in the Apple App Store.

Technology Blog: Narrated Feedback for Assessment

The Technology for Teaching and Learning blog discusses using narrated feedback as an alternative to written or in-person feedback. This method can save time for the reviewers while facilitating the richness of detail experienced in face to face interactions.

Review the blog post to learn more about the strategy.

Ophthalmology Teacher’s Library: Progress Beyond Continuing Medical Education

The Ophthalmology Teacher’s Library blog recommends the Annals of Eye Science article, “Continuing Professional Development: Progress Beyond Continuing Medical Education,” by Drs. Helena Prior Filipe, Heather Mack, and Karl Golnik.

Access the article on the education blog.

Funding for the Ophthalmic Educators Letter is provided in part by Santen Pharmaceutical Co.

We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

WOC2020: 26–29 June 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa

The World Ophthalmology Congress® of the International Council of Ophthalmology will include a scientific program of over 350 sessions addressing all subspecialties and related interests in ophthalmology. Revenues from the WOC help support ICO programs, including ophthalmic education, society and leadership development, and advocacy.

Register for WOC2020.

Come to Cape Town, not only to learn the latest in ophthalmology but also to contribute to improving eye health in Africa.

Funding for the Ophthalmic Educators Letter is provided in part by Santen Pharmaceutical Co.

We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

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