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March 2020

In 2020, the ICO celebrates our 12th year co-sponsoring Eyexcel with the Seva Foundation and the Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology (LAICO). This long-running event focuses on improving allied ophthalmic personnel training programs. Continue reading for more information on this year’s Eyexcel course and how to register.

This month, we also highlight several ICO tools for teachers.

We are grateful to our editors Drs. Kavita Bhatnagar, Helena Filipe, Andreas Lauer, and David Newsham for their contributions this month. Visit the Center for Ophthalmic Educators to access additional resources in more categories for all audiences.

Gabriela Palis, MD
Editor in Chief, Center for Ophthalmic Educators

Register for the 12th Eyexcel Course

Eyexcel will take place 20–24 July 2020 at the LAICO facility in Madurai, India. The 2020 course will focus exclusively on allied ophthalmic personnel training programs. Course modules include:

  • Designing a training program
  • Managing a training program
  • Using technology for training
  • Developing and sustaining your training program
Many of the resources covered at Eyexcel are available in the ICO’s Center for Ophthalmic Educators under “What to Teach” for Allied Ophthalmic Personnel. The course is open to teams from anywhere around the world with an interest in training allied ophthalmic personnel. To learn more about Eyexcel, see the course description. Course size is limited, and those who wish to participate must apply. To register your team, please apply online.

Register your team for Eyexcel.

Submit Curricula and Assessment Resources for the ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum

This month, the ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum Development Committee is adding resources for assessment principles, methods, and tools and program management to the existing ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum Outline.

Using the form linked below, please submit resources related to these topics that you find useful in your work training teachers in ophthalmology. Resources should relate directly to the ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum Outline, be of high quality, easily translated or with multiple translations, and ideally should be accessible using the internet. For examples of resources that might be accepted, we encourage you to explore the resources in the ICO Center for Ophthalmic Educators.

To ensure only the highest quality resources are included in the curriculum, submissions will be reviewed by the ICO review panel of dedicated ophthalmic educators for excellence, relevancy to the curriculum topics, adaptability, and usefulness across regions. Resources that are approved will be added to the curriculum for publication. Approved resource submitters have the opportunity to be recognized for their contribution to the finalized curriculum at their request.

Share your educational resource recommendations.

Highlighted ICO Resources for March

Among the many offerings from the ICO, several free and printable tools created by the ICO are available on our website for Ophthalmic educators and residents to use in their own practice. ICO resources include a variety of curricula, Ophthalmology Surgical Competency Assessment Rubrics (ICO-OSCARs), the ICO- 360º workplace assessment, and a continuing professional development e-book. The ICO-OSCARS and ICO 360º assessment resources are standardized, internationally valid tools to teach and assess an ophthalmologist’s competence in a variety of topics. Highlighted for March 2020:

Recently Added to the Center from Our Editorial Board

Explore resources for teaching and assessing recently added to the ICO's Center for Ophthalmic Educators.

ICO Teaching and Learning Blog: Normal Tension Glaucoma

This post from the ICO Teaching and Learning Blog will be helpful for ophthalmologists, residents, and resident trainers. The Blog recommends the short course,“Normal-Tension Glaucoma,” at the AAO ONE Network.

Access the Blog post.

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We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

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