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March 2013

In this special edition of the Letter we have included some exciting events and courses for ophthalmic educators. If you know of other events for educators that we should be aware of, please let us know.

Gabriela Palis, MD
Editor in Chief, Center for Ophthalmic Educators

ICO Web Based Teaching Course: Application Period Open Through March 15

The ICO is pleased to host our third Web Based Teaching Course April 15-June 3, 2013. This course will give medical educators the skills needed to create professional presentations and to integrate modern multimedia teaching practices into their lessons.

Lessons will cover the online application of adult learning principles, how to plan and build presentations, how to select and use the best software tools, and how to put these new skills and information into practice in the classroom and through the web.

All educators interested in developing or improving their e-learning teaching skills will benefit from the course. Enrollment is limited, and will be determined in part by the needs of the individual and region, as well as the level of impact that a particular educator may have. Please apply early, the application deadline is March 15.

Apply to the Course.

Download Course Information.

Registration Open: Copenhagen Conference for Ophthalmic Educators

Will we see you in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 7? If you plan to attend the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, we encourage you to also attend the fifth Conference for Ophthalmic Educators, June 7, 2013.

Please register at: https://icoph.org/rsvp/Copenhagen2013.html

Co-sponsored with the ICO by the SOE and the Danish Ophthalmological Society, this one-day Conference will offer short lectures and interactive, practical workshops on educational topics based on registrants’ interests. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the conclusion of the Conference.

Learn more about the Conference.

Login and Register for the Conference.

Announcing the 2013 Eyexcel Course

The 2013 Eyexcel course will take place July 16-19, 2013. Eyexcel- Expanding Global Eye Care Workforce through Excellence in Training is designed to help facilitate creation or enhancement of ophthalmic training programs to increase the availability of eye care.

The Eyexcel course addresses curriculum development, program evaluation, administrative skills, methods of e-learning, and principles of sustainability.

The course is co-sponsored by LAICO, the ICO, and the Seva Foundation. Many of the resources covered at EyeExcel are available in the ICO’s Center for Ophthalmic Educators: educators.icoph.org.

For information about future Eyexcel meetings, please see the course description or contact Ms. Dhivya Ramasamy at: dhivya@aravind.org.

View the Course Description.

Save the Date: Rio de Janeiro Conference for Ophthalmic Educators August 6, 2013

Registration for the August 6, 2013 Conference for Ophthalmic Educators in Rio de Janiero, Brazil will open in April.

The Conference will offer short lectures and interactive, practical workshops on educational techniques. All plenary sessions as well as select workshops will be translated into Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Co-Sponsored with the ICO by the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmologists, and the Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology, this one-day Conference will take place before the Pan-American Congress August 7-10, 2013.

Learn more about the Rio de Janeiro Conference

WOC2018: 16–19 June 2018 in Barcelona, Spain

The World Ophthalmology Congress® of the International Council of Ophthalmology will include a scientific program of over 350 sessions addressing all subspecialties and related interests in ophthalmology. 

Revenues from the WOC help support ICO programs, including ophthalmic education, society and leadership development, and advocacy. 

Check out the latest WOC details and sign up to receive updates via email: www.icoph.org/woc2018
With over 15,000 delegates expected to attend from over 130 countries, this is a not-to-be-missed event. Register now!

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