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March 2014

We look forward to seeing you at the World Ophthalmology Congress® of the ICO April 2-6 in Tokyo, Japan!

Please join us during the World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium sessions and stop by the ICO booth (E-53) at the Tokyo International Forum.

Gabriela Palis, MD
Editor in Chief, Center for Ophthalmic Educators

World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium During WOC2014

The ICO Teaching the Teachers Education Committee presents the World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium (WOEC) at each World Ophthalmology Congress© (WOC) which spotlights various aspects of ophthalmic education for attendees with an array of interests.

The WOEC is open to all members of the ophthalmic community with the goal of helping teachers and others enhance the training and continuing education of ophthalmologists and other eye care personnel.

We look forward to your joining us during the WOEC symposia and workshops on Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5 at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502.

Review the WOEC schedule during WOC2014.

Mark Tso Golden Apple Award Lecture

The Mark Tso Golden Apple Award for the Asia-Pacific region will be received by Charles McGhee, MD, FRCS, FRCOphth during the WOC2014 Opening Ceremony. The award recognizes innovation and leadership in ophthalmic education within each world region and is presented to an ophthalmologist at each supranational Congress and WOC.

Professor McGhee will present his Mark Tso Golden Apple Award lecture, “Addressing the Surgical Learning Curve: Advanced Skill Transfer, Apprenticeship and Audit,” during the WOEC symposium IS-FR-120 Accreditation of Residency Programs on Friday April 4, 13:30–15:30, at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502. (Please note the incorrect time was included in the March ICO Leader Letter.)

Add the Award Lecture to your schedule.

Workshop: How to Create Engaging and Educational Presentations

The workshop, “How to Create Engaging and Educational Presentations,” will be held in both English and Japanese as part of the WOEC on Saturday, April 5 from 15:30–17:00. The English session will be at the Tokyo International Forum in Room G502, and the Japanese session will be in Room G602.

Lectures remain the most frequent strategy for delivering knowledge in medicine. A lecture’s effectiveness can be greatly improved if learners are involved and presentations are appropriately designed and delivered.

The objective of this workshop is that by the conclusion of the session, participants should be able to define the structure of a lecture, apply the principles of slide design to improve learning, and to add interactivity to lectures.

Review the English-language workshop online and add it to your schedule.

Review the Japanese-language workshop online and add it to your schedule.

Residency Training Sessions during WOEC

Two WOEC sessions in particular will focus on residency training. The symposium, “Accreditation of Residency Programs: The Need to Increase Quality of Training Globally”  will be Friday, April 4 from 13:30–15:30 at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502. The importance of accreditation as well as the challenges, requirements, and practical aspects of the accreditation process, in different regions such as Singapore, Canada, the United States, and the developing world, will be discussed.

The symposium, “Exemplary Residency Programs in Developing Countries: Good Teaching in Difficult Conditions,” will be Saturday, April 5 from 10:30–12:00 at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502. Teaching programs can vary greatly with the local cultural, economic and political environment. Excellent programs of various geographic locations (ie, Africa, China, Eastern Europe, India, Latin America) will be spotlighted. Educators will describe their experiences in overcoming difficult conditions and in making their programs regional models. Additionally, the application of new educational tools in programs will be covered.

Review the sessions online.

Workshop: Evaluating your Program and Faculty

The “Evaluating Your Program and Faculty” workshop will stress the importance of program and faculty evaluation to facilitate program improvement. The workshop will be held on Friday, April 4 from 8:30–10:00 at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502. Best practices of evaluation, and application of evaluation results, will be highlighted. Sample tools for evaluation will be provided.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a framework and best practices for program and faculty evaluation. At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to list important facets of program evaluation, faculty evaluation, and describe how to improve their program and how to develop faculty by using evaluation results.

Review the workshop online and add it to your schedule.

Teaching Ethics, Professionalism, and Communication Skills

The symposium, “Teaching Ethics, Professionalism, and Communication Skills,”will be held Saturday, April 5 from 8:30–10:00 at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502.

These non-clinical skills are as crucial to medical competence as medical knowledge or surgical skills, and as such they should be taught and assessed during the training of eye care professionals (eg, medical students, residents, allied eye care). This symposium will highlight specific educational strategies and tools for teaching and assessing these non-technical competencies.

Review the symposium online and add it to your schedule.

Workshop: How to Develop Successful Webinars

As part of the WOEC, the workshop “Presenting on the Web: How to Develop Successful Webinars” will be held Friday, April 4 from 10:30–12:00 at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502. The goal of this workshop is to encourage participants to begin leading webinars through their organizations with the help of the International Council of Ophthalmology.

During the workshop, participants will practice using webinar software controls to experience the role of a participant, a presenter, and a webinar coordinator. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptop computer, and may be asked to work in small groups to ensure everyone has laptop access.

Review the workshop online and add it to your schedule.

Clinical and Surgical Training of Subspecialists Around the World

The symposium, “Clinical and Surgical Training of Subspecialists Around the World,” will be held Friday, April 4 from 15:30–17:00 at the Tokyo International Forum, Room G502. With an increasing need for subspecialists and subspecialist training globally, this symposium will inform participants of the current state of subspecialty training around the world, as well as offer a variety of educational strategies, modalities, and resources to enhance subspecialists' training.

Review the session online and add it to your schedule.

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