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February 25, 2018 Session Highlights: WOEC Sessions at WOC2018

Join us for the World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium (WOEC) series of symposia and workshops spotlighting a variety of educational techniques. The WOEC sessions are designed for a diverse audience, from trained educators to practicing ophthalmologists interested in education.

As part of the WOEC, the course “Beyond the Lecture: Using Concept Maps to Promote Deep Learning of Medical Knowledge” will cover evidence supporting the use of mind maps to stimulate deep learning. Participants will have a hands on experience on how to create concept maps and how to teach this skill.

The case study “Complex Cases of Problem Residents: Discussing Prevention and Remediation” discussion will equip educators and program directors with the appropriate tools to feel confident applying effective remediation plans to deal with a variety of difficult situations.

Funding for the 2018 World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium sessions is provided in part by Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Funding for the keynote luncheon of World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium is provided in part by the Alcon Foundation. We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

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World Ophthalmology Congress

February 25, 2018 Videos of the Scientific Groups of the Peruvian Society of Ophthalmology/Videos de los Grupos Científicos de la Sociedad Peruana de Oftalmología
These Spanish-language videos from the Peruvian Society of Ophthalmology cover a variety of topics useful for your teaching or to share with your learners.
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February 25, 2018 Courses: eLearning Courses by Orbis

Orbis International has launched three new courses on their telemedicine platform, A free user account is required to access the courses.

These courses combine narrative, medical art and images, and surgical videos to optimize the learning experience, with downloadable articles, guidelines and practice manuals for reference. Full blended-learning curricula are available for the courses, which allow educators and residency program directors to combine the online content with in-person hands-on skills training sessions.

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February 25, 2018 Ophthalmology Teacher’s Library: Why We Need to Flip the Classroom

The Ophthalmology Teacher’s Library Blog recommends the Annals of Eye Science article, “The Fallacy of the Traditional Classroom: Why We Need to Flip the Classroom,” by Dr. Eduardo Mayorga.

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February 25, 2018 Recently Added from the American Academy of Ophthalmology
These recent resources from the AAO are available through their ONE Network and are excellent for practicing ophthalmologists, residents, and subspecialty fellows.
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February 20, 2018 In Remembrance: Dr. Benjamin Boyd

The ICO is greatly saddened by the loss of Honorary Life Member Dr. Benjamin Boyd, who passed away at his home on 5 February 2018.

“I was delighted when I first met Ben and came to learn about his good humor and compassion,” says ICO President Prof. Hugh Taylor. “His presence, good judgment, and clarity have been missed in the recent years when he could no longer attend ICO Board meetings.”

Dr. Boyd joined the ICO in 1978 and received the International Duke Elder Medal in 1990. He served as Executive Director of the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO) from 1960–1985 and was its President from 1985–1987. The PAAO’s Benjamin F. Boyd Humanitarian Award was created in 1987 to honor those who have substantially served the Americas to preserve and restore vision.

Dr. Boyd was a member of the Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis and a gifted editor. His publications include: The Definite History of the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (1940-2001); Highlights of Ophthalmology 1962 (digitized in 2001); and Witness to History, 2009.

"This dear friend and giant leader in ophthalmology was unique in his commitment and capacity to lead and bring positive change. His legion of friends will grieve his passing," says ICO Past-President Dr. Bruce Spivey.

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February 20, 2018 Now Online: WOC2018 Invited Scientific Program

View the Invited Scientific Program for the 16–19 June 2018 World Ophthalmology Congress® (WOC) in Barcelona, Spain. With more than 350 scientific sessions to choose from, WOC2018 offers a vast array of opportunities to learn the latest advances in ophthalmology.

Over 2,500 ophthalmologists, subspecialists, and medical professionals will present educational sessions across 25 subspecialties and related topics at WOC2018.

Find sessions, topics, speakers, dates, times, and locations at: For more information, view the Invited Program pdf.

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World Ophthalmology Congress

February 20, 2018 WOC2018 “Late-Breaking News” Abstracts Accepted 15–29 March

“Late-Breaking News” abstracts for the World Ophthalmology Congress® (WOC) will be accepted 15–29 March 2018.

“Late-Breaking News” abstracts highlight results from rapidly advancing investigations that may have only recently become available. Submissions should present novel and substantive studies of high impact that will further enrich the 16–19 June WOC2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

Find the “Late-Breaking News” abstract submission form in the Submitted Program section of the WOC2018 website, and email your completed form to: Submissions received before 15 March or after 29 March will not be considered. Authors will be notified about the status of their abstract by 26 April 2018.

“Late-Breaking News” abstracts are not a second deadline for regular abstract submissions, and revisions to previously rejected abstracts will not be considered. 

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February 20, 2018 Cataract Surgery and Its Impact on Environmental Sustainability

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) Environmental Sustainability Work Group is tackling issues related to the degradation of the environment and its impact on health and safety, and the group will offer a “Masterclass in Environmental Sustainability” at the 2018 World Ophthalmology Congress® in Barcelona, Spain.

Surgical systems in most developed countries––in particular, their use of materials––are unsustainable, finds Dr. Cassandra Thiel and her IAPB Work Group co-authors in their article, “Cataract surgery and environmental sustainability: Waste and lifecycle assessment of phacoemulsification at a private healthcare facility,” published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

The article’s results show that ophthalmologists can reduce emissions and materials use by following the model of the Aravind Eye Care System in southern India––a recognized resource-efficient setting.

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February 20, 2018 Campaign Addresses the Global Eye Needs of Children

To accelerate and expand access to eye health services for children, the Brien Holden Vision Institute launched the Our Children’s Vision initiative, a call to action.

Amassing over 70 partners in approximately 60 countries since its 2016 start, the campaign reached more than 10 million children in its first year alone. The initiative aspires to provide eye care to 50 million children globally by 2020.

Our Children’s Vision addresses the worldwide impact of conditions like myopia and other refractive errors, and is focused on influencing national policy to ensure development of a long-term sustainable solution to children’s eye health. The initiative is working toward improved services, awareness, research, and advocacy through strong partnerships with organizations, governments, and societies, including the International Council of Ophthalmology. Find out more.

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February 20, 2018 Educators Stay Connected and Informed

The ICO is committed to improving the quality of ophthalmic training. In support of this goal, the ICO offers educators resources and tools to stay abreast of new information. 

  • The Center for Ophthalmic Educators is a key component of the ICO’s educator program, offering an array of educational tools for teachers of residents, medical students, subspecialty fellows, practicing ophthalmologists, and allied ophthalmic personnel. Educators can also share ideas and collaborate with peers through the Center’s discussion forums. 
  • The monthly Ophthalmic Educators Letter highlights valuable resources and tools, courses, upcoming events for teachers, and other relevant news. Sign up for the Ophthalmic Educators Letter
  • The ICO Ophthalmic Educators Group (ICO-OEG) provides a platform for collaboration, networking, and professional development for everyone interested in ophthalmic education.

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February 20, 2018 ICO Member Societies: A Global Network in Francophone Africa

Further connecting the world’s ophthalmologists, the ICO proudly welcomes the Société Africaine Francophone d'Ophtalmologie (SAFO) and eight other societies from Sub-Saharan Africa as ICO Member societies.

SAFO was created at a 1992 meeting in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, by ophthalmologists from French-speaking countries of West Africa. Under the SAFO regional umbrella, the following national societies have also joined the ICO alliance for sight: 

  • Benin Society of Ophthalmology (SBO) 
  • Burkina Faso Society of Ophthalmology (BSO) 
  • Gabon Society of Ophthalmology (SGO) 
  • Ivory Coast Society of Ophthalmology (SIO) 
  • Mali Society of Ophthalmology (SOMAO) 
  • Niger Society of Ophthalmology (SNO) 
  • Senegal Society of Ophthalmology (SSO) 
  • Togo Society of Ophthalmology (STO)

Ressources pour les enseignants
For ophthalmologists and educators in Francophone Africa and elsewhere, the ICO offers numerous resources translated into French, including: 

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ICO Membership

February 20, 2018 Submit Your Papers for WHO World Report on Vision by 15 March

The Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for papers for an upcoming theme issue on vision. The deadline for submission is 15 March 2018.

WHO’s World Report on Vision will focus on “what works” and provide authoritative evidence on the magnitude of global vision loss, as well as its prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Submitted papers should: 

  • Provide evidence across all health strategies (eg, promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation) 
  • Focus on best practices, innovation, and the use of technology 
  • Identify gaps and provide solutions to ensure equitable access 
  • Integrate examples from low- and middle-income countries and different age groups 
  • Address health system issues, rather than focusing solely on one specific disease or condition.

Get more information about the World Report on Vision.

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February 20, 2018 ICO Exams and Fellowships

More than 30,000 ophthalmologists have taken 52,000 ICO Examinations at over 120 exam centers worldwide, and more than 1,000 ICO Fellowships have been granted to ophthalmologists from low-resource countries.

Watch this short video featuring Dr. Luis Amaya, ICO Examinations Committee Member and Clinical Sciences Exam Section Leader, and learn how the ICO's Exams and Fellowships are serving to improve eye care around the world.

The 31 March application deadline for three-month and six-month ICO Fellowships is fast approaching. The next opportunity to apply for three-month and six-month fellowships, as well as one-year fellowships, will be 30 September 2018. Apply now.

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ICO Examinations

ICO International Fellowships

February 12, 2018 Joesph Colin Keratoconus Award

In honor of the innovative French ophthalmologist who passed away a few years ago, the International Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal Diseases will award two prizes for the best published articles in 2018, one for the January-June issue and one for the July-December issue. Each award is 1000 euros. 

The deadline for article submission is the end of May for the January-June issue and the end of November for the July-December issue. 

Find more information the journal's website (http://www.ijkecd.comm)

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January 25, 2018 Educator Sessions at APAO, 8–11 February 2018

Please join us at the APAO Congress for the following ICO co-sponsored sessions for educators and those interested in ophthalmic education:

  • ICO Continuing Professional Development Course: Creating Learning Experiences with Impact
  • Teaching Does Not Equal Learning: How Do We Know if They Have Learned?
  • E-learning Principles and Resources
  • Teaching Professionalism in the Busy Clinical Practice: A Global Perspective
  • Are your Graduates and Training Programs Good? Models of Accreditation and Certification
  • ICO Exams and Fellowship Symposium.

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January 25, 2018 ICO Reception at APAO 9 February 2018
The ICO will be holding a reception at the APAO Congress in Hong Kong on 9 February at 18:30–20:00. The reception is open to everyone and we invite all ophthalmic educators to attend. The reception will take place in Boardroom 8 (Lower Lobby), of the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel.
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ICO Membership

January 25, 2018 World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium Sessions at WOC2018

Join us for the World Ophthalmic Education Colloquium (WOEC) series of symposia and workshops spotlighting a variety of educational techniques during the World Ophthalmology Congress® (WOC) in Barcelona, Spain, 16–19 June 2018. These sessions are designed for a diverse audience, from trained educators to practicing ophthalmologists interested in education and are open to all attendees of the Congress.

As part of the WOEC, the symposium “Teaching and Assessing Surgical Competence” will be held Saturday, 16 June from 8:30 to 10:00 in Hall 8, Rm 26. This invited symposium provides tips for effective teaching, time management, and delivering objective feedback. Included is how to develop a step-by-step learning process with clear objectives and goals for each of the stages of surgical learning.

The symposium “Innovative Formats for Teaching in Graduate Medical Education and CPD” will be held Saturday, 16 June from 14:00 to 15:30 at Hall 8, Rm 25. This symposium will cover innovations for teaching and continuing professional development (CPD) including work-based learning, the use of surgical simulation, internet-based learning, use of portfolios, how to add metacognition to CPD, and innovative assessment methods.

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World Ophthalmology Congress

January 25, 2018 Updated Accreditation Guidelines for Ophthalmology Training Programs

As part of our effort to improve ophthalmology training around the world, the ICO Accreditation and Certification Committee, led by ICO Director for Education Dr. Karl Golnik, has updated the ICO’s recommended guidelines and developed a self-assessment tool for ophthalmology training programs.

The guidelines and self assessment can be used as written or adapted for local needs by training program directors and departments as benchmarks to strive for, or by accreditation bodies to guide their accreditation process.

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January 25, 2018 Infographic: What is Experiential Learning
This infographic from E-learning Infographics explores the principles of learning from concrete experiences by reflection.
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