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AJO and APJO Articles Highlight ICO Educational Initiatives

Posted on October 31, 2012
Topic: Education, Education Initiatives, ICO Programs and Initiatives, Ophthalmic Educators, Ophthalmology Residency Education

Two recently published papers describe the rich variety of programs the ICO–in collaboration with ophthalmologic partners– offers to improve ophthalmic education.

"The ICO has been able to accomplish as much as we have–and will continue to do–because of the concerted effort of so many and the great leadership of people like Andy Lee, Karl Golnik, Eduardo Mayorga, and Gaby Palis," said Dr. Bruce Spivey, ICO President.

"Critical too, is the contribution of the ICO’s strong support staff, specifically Kathleen Miller, ICO Executive Director, and Christine Graham, ICO Education Coordinator."

Download the articles below:


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