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American Academy Recognizes International Leaders

Posted on November 27, 2012
Topic: Leadership

Ophthalmologists who were honored at the AAO Meeting for their contributions to international ophthalmology, education, and eye care delivery.

"Please join me in congratulating the following ophthalmologists for their extradordinary contributions," said Dr. Jean-Jacques De Laey, ICO Vice President.

Laureate Award The Academy’s highest honor, recognizes ophthalmologists who make exceptional scientific contributions toward preventing blindness and restoring sight worldwide:

  • Stephen J. Ryan, MD (ICOFoundation President). Through his research, Dr. Ryan has helped change how vitreoretinal disorders are treated. His career is further characterized by distinguished service as a leader in globally advancing eye care.

Special Recognition Award Honors outstanding service in a specific effort or cause that improves the quality of eye care:

  • Paul R. Lichter, MD (ICO Board Member). Founding Director of the W.K. Kellogg Eye Center, Dr. Lichter’s research efforts are focused on glaucoma management, the clinical and molecular genetics of glaucoma, and developing directed treatments and genetic screening for at-risk patients.

International Blindness Prevention AwardHonors significant contributions to the prevention of blindness or restoration of sight worldwide:

  • Marilyn T. Miller, MD, MS. For over 25 years, Dr. Miller has participated in educational activities to develop sustainable eye care in underserved regions in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

Humanitarian Recognizes selfless contributions to provide eye care:

  • Timothy J. Kietzman, MD. Awarded in recognition of his diligence and commitment to Gilgit Eye Hospital, providing excellent eye care to the Pakistani people, and training local Pakistani ophthalmologists and ophthalmic technicians.
  • P. Namperumalsamy, MD. Founding member of the Aravind Eye Care System, Dr. Namperumalsamy has been instrumental in developing Aravind’s high-volume outreach strategies, which include 2,000 eye camps performing 76,000 free cataract surgeries each year.


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