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ICO Fellowships 2001-2016: A 15-Year Success Story

Posted on November 17, 2016
Topic: ICO International Fellowships

In 2001, then ICO Treasurer Prof. Balder Gloor initiated the ICO Fellowships as an educational effort to preserve vision and prevent blindness. Prof. Peter Gabel, who succeeded Prof. Gloor as ICO Director for Fellowships, once suggested that ICO programs be evaluated based on "how many people they help to see better." By that measure, the ICO Fellowships have had a profound and lasting impact.

The 15th anniversary of the ICO Fellowships was celebrated on September 30, 2016, during the Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (DOG) Congress in Berlin. The ceremony included distribution of ICO Fellowships 2001–2016: A 15-Year Success Story, which details the program’s impact and includes the shared personal experiences of ICO Fellowship Hosts, Fellows, and others. Read the report at:

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