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Order the History of International Ophthalmology and the ICO

Posted on August 10, 2010
Topic: About the ICO, ICO Programs and Initiatives

International ophthalmology dates back to 1857.  Read the details of the last 25 years in the recently published International Ophthalmology 1982-2007, and order your free copy.

The book offers a condensed view of international ophthalmology preceding 1982, while focusing on more recent key considerations and decisions at annual Council meetings, the development of the Assessments (now Examinations) and ICO Fellowship Programs, and other important milestones on which we are building our future.  

International Ophthalmology 1982-2007 was written by ICO Immediate Past President G.O.H. “Fritz” Naumann, MD, with contributions from former Director for Fellowships Balder Gloor, MD and Director for Assessments Peter Watson, FRCOphth.

To order a hard copy of the book, please complete the online form at:  The books are free of charge complements of the ICO and the International Ophthalmic Fellowship Foundation (IOFF), although donations are greatly appreciated.  If you wish to make a donation, please write to

The online version of International Ophthalmology 1982-2007, by G.O.H. Naumann, Balder P. Gloor, and Peter G. Watson, is available at

The authors hope you will enjoy reading it, and that history will inspire you to continue to work to enhance eye care and reduce vision loss.

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