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The Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations signed a framework for ethical use of human eye tissue at WOC2018.

Posted on July 11, 2018
Topic: World Ophthalmology Congress

A landmark accord on the ethical use of human eye tissue was signed at the 2018 World Ophthalmology Congress in Spain. The Barcelona Principles outline the ethical use of donated human tissue for ocular transplantation, research, and future technologies.

Developed in coordination with 102 individuals representing 89 nations, the Barcelona Principles encompass consent, donation, and equitable allocation of ocular tissue. It is intended to build eye-banking services and meet the needs of millions of people requiring corneal surgery, without compromising the moral conduct of the donor, the recipient, or the extended community.

A collaboration of Australian eye banking organizations spearheaded creation of this worldwide first, which offers recommendations on areas of ethical ambiguity, such as profitization and supply chains, the global movement of eye tissue, and partnering with colleagues across borders.

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