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ICO-OEG Quarterly

April 2016

Greetings ophthalmic educators!

We are pleased to present you with the first ICO Ophthalmic Educators Group (ICO-OEG) quarterly mailing, and we are excited you have joined this special interest group of the ICO.

In these quarterly updates we will highlight upcoming functions for members of the ICO-OEG, educator specific events and opportunities, and feature an “Eye on Ophthalmic Educators,” which will present a brief biography and interview with an outstanding ophthalmic educator.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working together to increase recognition of ophthalmic education––and ophthalmic educators––as important and valuable to both current and future ophthalmology.

ICO-OEG Reception and ICO Education Sessions at MEACO 2016 Congress in Bahrain

The ICO-OEG and the Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO) will hold a reception at 19:30-21:00 on Tuesday 3 May 2016 at the Golden Tulip Bahrain Hotel in the Gilgamesh Ballroom––a day prior to the MEACO 2016 Congress. RSVP at ico.formstack.com/forms/ico_oeg_meaco2016. Attend to learn about the education sessions during MEACO and to meet fellow educators, teachers, and society leaders.

Join us at the MEACO Congress on May 4 for a series of sessions focused on ophthalmic education. Workshops and a symposium will be offered in the scientific program. Learn more about the ICO ophthalmic education sessions.

We hope to see you in Bahrain!

Eye on Ophthalmic Educators, Middle East: Ebtisam Al Alawi

For our first “Eye on Ophthalmic Educators” feature, we talked Dr. Ebtisam Al Alawi of Bahrain, an educator at the Arabian Gulf University and Salmaniya Medical Complex and Chair of the MEACO Organizing Committee, to learn about her thoughts on ophthalmic education.  Dr. Al Alawi teaches undergraduate and graduate level students in both the classroom and in the hospital. Her specific interests within ophthalmic education are teaching, performance assessment, skill transfer training, and quality indicators.  

Dr. Al Alawi was asked what her biggest challenges are in education, and she responded:

Teaching effective clinical and surgical skills to the residents is one of the more difficult tasks in medical education. Evaluation of the residents on these skills is an even greater challenge due to the importance of maintaining basic and essential skills among ophthalmologists who have rapidly evolving technology available to utilize. 

With the increasing number of ophthalmologists in our region, teaching ethics are important challenges needed to maintain standard, evidence-based clinical and surgical practice for quality eye care.  

Another challenge is approaching new surgeons with higher complication rates than average. This requires close monitoring to raise their standard and improve their surgical performance and patient outcomes and also implementing clinical indicators. 

Educational commitment, quality, and innovation of the educators is another challenge. However, the availability of online teaching and training materials has been helpful.

Call for Nominations: “Eye on Ophthalmic Educators”

Each quarter, we will present an interview with an outstanding educator who is a member of the ICO-OEG. Do you know an educator who should be highlighted in "Eye on Ophthalmic Educators?" Please submit your nominations, and tell us why you think they should be featured.

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