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Curriculum Documents

The ICO has developed the following curricula with the intention that they be of value for widely different regions regardless of nationality, culture, or socioeconomic status. They are meant to be adapted to fit local needs and resources.

Feedback on the curricula can be submitted at for consideration during future revisions or updates.

All curricula are available for download in MS Word, PDF and Google Document formats unless otherwise indicated.

ICO Residency Curriculum

The updated ICO Residency Curriculum offers an international consensus on what residents in ophthalmology should be taught. While the ICO curriculum provides a standardized content outline for ophthalmic training, it has been designed to be revised and modified, with the precise local detail for implementation left to the local educators.

  • ICO Residency Curriculum: English

    The ICO Residency Curriculum has been updated to incorporate considerations for making ophthalmic practice accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities, including low vision or blindness, deafness and physical disabilities. Considerations of inclusion have been incorporated into the Educators and Community Eye Health Sections.

    Funding for this curriculum is provided in part by David E. I. Pyott through a grant given in his honor from The Allergan Foundation. We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.

  • ICO Residency Curriculum: Chinese

    Appreciation is extended to Dr. Li Xiaoxin for the translation.

  • ICO Residency Curriculum: Russian

    Appreciation is extended to the Terra-Ophthalmica team for the translation.

  • ICO Residency Curriculum: Spanish
    We thank Drs. Jaime Soria Viteri, Gabriela Palis, Juan Velásquez, Patricia Nuñez Moldes, David Dañin, Xavier Guerrero, Minerliza Tavarez, Eduardo Viteri Solorsano, Eduardo Zans Cristian Rodriguez, Audrey Juan, David Garcia Silva, Cristian Becker Contreras, Juan Carlos García de la Riva, and the volunteer translators of Translators Without Borders for their contributions to this translation.
  • ICO Residency Curriculum: Cataract and Lens Section
    • French
      Appreciation is extended to Dr. Jean-Jacques DeLaey for the translation.
    • Spanish
      Appreciation is extended to Dr. Gabriela Palis for the translation.
  • Ukrainian– Basic Level Goals

    The ICO Residency Curriculum’s "year one" basic level has been translated into Ukrainian. The translation is presented in a dual language format with English and Ukrainian side by side. Appreciation is extended to translator Dr. Olena Hurzhii and reviewer Dr. Oksana Vitovska.

ICO Subspecialty Training Curricula

The ICO Subspecialty Curricula endeavor to present an international consensus on what ophthalmologic subspecialists in training should be taught. They have been designed to be adapted and modified to meet local and regional needs, with precise detail for the implementing educators to determine.

ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum

The ICO Ophthalmic Educators Curriculum Outline aims to provide ophthalmic educators with a clear path to becoming competent in ophthalmic education practices.

ICO Curricula in Development

ICO Curricula in development include:

ICO Subspecialty Curriculum for Training in Ophthalmic Oncology and Pathology 

ICO Subspecialty Curriculum for Training in Vitreoretinal Surgery

We thank all of the supporters of the International Council of Ophthalmology's Teaching the Teachers Initiative.



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