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Educational Programs

Refocusing Ophthalmic Education

The ICO engages with leaders of ophthalmologic societies and other ophthalmic educators to rethink and redefine how ophthalmology is taught. The goal is to develop more effective teaching programs and materials and, ultimately, to improve eye care around the world.

The following ICO Committees focus on achieving those goals:

    1. Training Teams to Meet Public Needs (Chair, Mohammed Babar Qureshi, MD)
    2. Curricula and Expectations for Training Programs (Chair, Peter Quiros, MD)
    3. Continuing Professional Development (Chair,
Helena Prior Filipe, MD)
    4. Accreditation and Certification (Chair, Karl Golnik, MD)
    5. Teaching the Teachers (Chair,
Gabriela Palis, MD)
    6. Technologies for Teaching and Learning (Chair, Eduardo Mayorga, MD)

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Residency Education

The need for ophthalmologists with a high level of education and training is of critical importance to preserving and restoring vision. This is particularly important in developing… More »

Subspecialty Education

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Medical Student Education

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Allied Ophthalmic Personnel

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Continuing Professional Development

There is a critical need to help ophthalmologists maintain their competency and learn new skills, with the ultimate goal of preventing avoidable blindness and visual loss. More »


The development and availability of technology can revolutionize ophthalmic education, helping teachers and students connect efficiently and economically. More »

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