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Allied Ophthalmic Personnel

Training of allied ophthalmic personnel can make a major contribution to improving eye care around the world, particularly in developing countries where there is a shortage of ophthalmic specialists.

The ICO seeks to support the education of allied ophthalmic personnel, including ophthalmic assistants, technicians, technologists, orthoptists, ophthalmic assistants, and other ophthalmic allied professionals, to enhance eye care.

The ICO has the following committees that seek to enhance and improve ophthalmic subspecialty fellow training:

  • Committee on Curricula and Expectations for Training Programs– Chair, Peter Quiros, MD
  • Committee on Training Teams to Meet Public Needs– Chair, Babar Qureshi,  MD

These committees are involved in the programs listed below. Questions about ICO education programs should be directed to:


Allied Health Education Resources


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