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NEXT Standard Examinations:     April 19, 2017

NEXT Advanced Examination:     October 20, 2016

The ICO Examinations are the only worldwide medical-specialty examinations. They are independent and free of any outside influence and can be taken in the candidate’s own country. The questions are prepared by an international group of examiners and set at the same standard as the highest board and qualifying examinations anywhere.

Each year, the ICO offers examinations throughout the world to help ophthalmologists evaluate their knowledge in the basic science and clinical sciences related to ophthalmology. The ICO started to offer examinations (initially called “Assessments”) in 1995. Since then, more than 22,000 candidates have taken the ICO Examinations. In 2015, there were just over 5000 ICO examinations taken in 130 test centers in 80 countries.

As a special benefit of ICO membership, the ICO offers more favorable registration rates to candidates from countries whose societies are ICO Members.

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