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Applications and Fees


Applications for the Examinations can be downloaded from Forms and Resources. Please read the instructions carefully and remember to attach a passport photograph.

International Council of Ophthalmology, Examinations Unit 2, Forest Industrial Park, Forest Road, Redbridge, London, IG63HL UK

Opening Date (Standard October): 1 May 2021

Opening Date (Advanced October): 1 May 2021

Opening Date (Subspecialty October): 1 May 2021

Opening Date (Standard March 2021): 1 September 2020

Opening Date (Advanced March 2021): 1 September 2020

Candidates wishing to withdraw their applications must do so in writing. For withdrawals received before the closing date a full refund will be given (less a small charge for administration).

No refunds will be allowed for candidates who fail to attend the Examination or who withdraw after the closing date.  Local charges may apply.

Applications received after the closing date may not be considered. Candidate may not be allowed to take the Examination.


IMPORTANT: The bank information for payments made by wire transfers has changed. Please contact the ICO Examinations Office for details (

The fees for the Examinations in 2021 are:

  • Foundation Assessment: Please contact the ICO Exams office
  • Visual Science + Optics, Refraction, and Instruments: 745 Swiss Francs.
  • Visual Science: 595 Swiss Francs
  • Optics, Refraction, and Instruments: 445 Swiss Francs
  • Clinical Ophthalmology: 1015 Swiss Francs
  • Advanced: 650 Swiss Francs
  • Subspecialty: 520 Swiss Francs

No refund is given to candidates who enroll for both papers but only complete part of the Examination.

For candidates applying within a group through the local coordinator the fee will be considerable reduced. To qualify for a group booking, you must submit all application forms along with one payment for the total amount. Please contact either the local coordinator or the ICO exams office for the reduced fee.

Exam fees can be paid online here.

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