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ICO Fellowship Hosts & Training Centers

ICO Host

BOWMAN Richard, MD
London, GB
+44-207-405 9200
Fax: +44-207-405 5089

Host Contact

BOWMAN Richard, MD

Medical Center

Great Ormond Street Hospital for CHILDREN
Dept. of PEDIATRIC Ophthalmology
Great Ormond Street
London WC1N 3JH, GB

Characteristics of the Ophthalmology Department

Inpatients per Year
Inpatient Surgeries per Year
Consultations per Year
Outpatients per Year
Outpatient Surgeries per Year

Staff of the Ophthalmology Department

Number of Attendings / Consultants
8 pediatric Ophthalmologists 2 Clinical scientists consultants
Number of Fellows / Registrars
Number of Senior Residents / SHOs
Number of Residents / House Officers
Number of Interns / Clinical Assistants

Regular Teaching Events

- Hours per Week

  • N Morning Reports
  • N Grand Rounds
  • Y Clinical Sessions
  • N Photo-Fluo Conferences
  • N Journal Club
  • N Lectures
  • Y Case Presentations
  • N Surgery Conferences
  • Y Conferences of Complications
  • N Video Conferences
  • N Research Conferences
  • Y (Subspecialty) Seminars / Tutorials

ICO Fellowships Offered

  • Y Observership
  • N Clinical Exposures
  • N Surgical Exposure

Language(s): English


Subspecialty Fellowship Duration Fellowship Supervisor
3 months 1 year
Pediatric Ophthalmology Y Richard Bowman, MD

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