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Atlas of Gonioscopy Videos

Authored by Dr. Wallace Allward (University of Iowa, Iowa Glaucoma Center)
Posted on October 4, 2010
Topic: E-Learning
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Created by Dr. Wallace Allward (University of Iowa). This website shares videos on gonioscopy techniques and images and was designed to teach how to perform gonioscopy and show the iridocorneal angle in health and in disease.

There are occasional slit lamp videos as well if they provide illustrations of the findings in glaucoma-related diseases.

On the left-side menu you will find access to the history of gonioscopy, basic examination techniques, techniques for difficult angles, the normal angle, angle grading, examples of diagnoses and the new videos that have been added after the initial release, and the dates when they were added. You can also suscribe to the ‘What’s new’ mailing list to receive an email.

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