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Access to Cataract Surgical Services–A Position and Policy Statement

Authored by ICO
Posted on January 5, 2011
Topic: Eye Care Standards, Ethics & Research
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Un-operated cataract remains the leading cause of avoidable blindness in poor and emerging countries. This Statement summarizes the problem, suggests ways to address it, and the potential roles of ophthalmology and the ICO.

As ophthalmology is uniquely charged with responsibility for cataract surgery, ophthalmology has a unique responsibility for recognizing the magnitude and extent of the problem and for proposing effective, practical approaches to solving it.

There are numerous reasons why patients who are blind and visually impaired from un-operated cataract do not receive the surgical services they need. Simply stated however, there are not enough ophthalmic surgeons doing enough high quality cataract surgery in an accessible locale to meet patient needs.

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