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Volunteers Overcoming Poverty (VSO) Advocacy Toolkit

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Posted on June 8, 2011
Topic: Advocacy/Vision 2020
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A PDF Toolkit published by Volunteers Overcoming Poverty (VSO).  Part 1 looks at what advocacy is and how participatory advocacy can be most effectively carried out. Part 2 describes some of the ways that VSO uses advocacy.  Interested parties may contact VSO for the accompanying CD-ROM.  You can adapt and use all the materials for your own organization.

The main body of the Toolkit is the five parts below, which represent five key stages of the
participatory advocacy process:

  • Part 3: Research & Analysis examines the initial research and analysis that is needed, including identifying the policy issue and the context surrounding the issue.
  • Part 4: Strategic Planning explains the steps needed to develop an effective advocacy strategy.
  • Part 5: Mobilisation outlines the ways you can mobilise support and resources.
  • Part 6: Action provides guidance on how to implement an advocacy strategy, including advice on lobbying, campaigning, media work and project management.
  • Part 7: Learning & Review provides guidance on monitoring your advocacy progress.
  • Part 8: Tools contains some participatory exercises you can do with a group of colleagues. These Strategic Planning & Analysis Tools help you think creatively about your work and what you can really achieve. On the CD-ROM you will find many other Tools that you will find useful.

The toolkit can be read from start to finish, but it is also designed so you can dip into it as required.

This toolkit complements START 1, VSO’s advocacy research toolkit. START is an accessible manual based on VSO’s own experience of low-cost, non-academic professional research.

See VSO's Website for more information:

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