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ICO Situational Analysis, 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

Authored by ICO
Posted on September 23, 2011
Topic: ICO Programs and Initiatives, Organizational Development
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The Situational Analysis is a concise explanation of the problem or issue ICO wants to positively effect and the opportunities and challenges ICO may encounter in addressing the issue. ICO encourages societies to use this document as a model in their own planning and development.

To ensure that ICO's plans and programs are effective, the Analysis includes a survey of ICO's internal factors, organizational strengths and organizational weaknesses. It also looks at larger key issues, variables, trends and driving forces in eye care and international ophthalmology.

Because ICO's success as an organization depends on the support and involvement of its members and stakeholders, the ICO Situational Analysis also provides a brief overview of ICO's stakeholders--defining both the stakeholders' and ICO's needs. 



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