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Strabismus Course: Online Slides

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Posted on January 25, 2012
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This English-language course is a series of PowerPoint presentations covering different topics in strabismus. The slides are available for viewing on the Assistance for Development of Modern Ophthalmology (ADMO) Union Web site.

Strabismus Course Presentation Titles:

1. The anatomy of the extraocular muscles (embriology/histology/physiology and including the surgery anatomy as well)

2. Motor physiology (eye movements and positions)

3. Sensory physiology (innervation of EOM, understanding sensory evaluation)

4. Binocular vision and Space perception (binocular vision adaptation in strabismus/ tests for binocular fusion in infants without mannifest squint/tests for stereopsis)

5. Near vision complex

6. Alignement (primary positions , secondary positions)

7. Vergences

8. Etiology and symptoms of heterophoria and heterotropia

9. Ambiopia and it’s management

View slides on the ADMO website.

The moderator of the page on the ADMO website is Dr. Tukezban Huseynova.

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