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ICO Directory of Ophthalmic Societies

Authored by ICO
Posted on February 23, 2012
Topic: Advocacy/Vision 2020, ICO Membership, ICO Programs and Initiatives, Ophthalmologic Societies, Organizational Development
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The International Council of Ophthalmolgy (ICO) Directory of Ophthalmic Societies includes national, supranational, subspecialty and other societies around the world.  The Directory is meant to facilitate awareness and communication between ICO Member societies and other ophthalmic societies.

The Directory also includes information on ICO programs, publications and initiatives. 

Society profiles may also be found on the ICO Web site:

Prior to publishing the Directory, the ICO invites societies to update their information through ICO's online system. Approved society representatives may update their society's information at any time.  Directions on updating the online profile may be found at:

ICO Member societies are indicated with the ICO star.

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