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OCEX Checklist in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish

Authored by Golnik KC, Goldenhar LM, Gittinger JW Jr, Lustbader JM
Posted on July 17, 2012
Topic: Ophthalmic Educators, Ophthalmology Residency Education, Residency
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The Ophthalmic Clinical Evaluation Exercise (OCEX) checklist, for use during observed resident-patient interactions, can be used to assess a resident's patient care skills, medical knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

The checklist was developed based on the American Board of Internal Medicine’s Clinical Evaluation Exercise. The OCEX form is filled out by the attending physician and can be reviewed with the resident immediately after the interaction. This gives the resident immediate feedback on their patient-care skills, medical knowledge, and interpersonal skills.   

OCEX in Chinese: (PDF – 175 KB)
OCEX in English: (PDF – 132 KB )
OCEX in Portuguese: (PDF – 153 KB )
OCEX in Mongolian: (PDF – 202 KB )
OCEX in Spanish: (PDF 34 KB)


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