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Global Statement on Diabetes and Eye Heath

Authored by ICO
Posted on December 4, 2017
Topic: Advocacy/Vision 2020, Diabetic Eye Care
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The ICO, International Diabetes Federation, World Council of Optometry, and International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness have released a jointGlobal Statement on Diabetes and Eye Heath calling for urgent action from governments, medical associations, service providers, and patient organizations to:

  1. Integrate eye health within routine diabetes care by primary health care providers
  2. Improve collaboration across the diabetes and eye health sectors
  3. Foster and support patient-centered care approaches for diabetic eye health.

You can support integrative care for diabetes and bring eye health to the frontline of diabetes care by circulating this statement to practitioners, policy leaders, and lawmakers in your region. Ensure that increasingly integrated and people-centered systems are put in place, so that all people with diabetes have access to vital sight-saving services.

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