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WOC 2010 Webcasts

The WOC 2010 Scientific Program Committee chose these presentations to highlight a sample of the wide-ranging scientific program of the 2010 World Congress in Berlin.

These presentations or "webcasts" are slides with audio, and are available free of charge thanks to the financial support of the ICOFoundation.

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Congress Language Title Presenter Subspecialty
WOC2010 English/Inglés Using a Virtual Eye Clinic McCluskey, Peter, Prof.
WOC2010 English/Inglés Novel Ex Vivo Expansion Based on Preservation of Limbal Stem Cells and Their Native Niche Cells Tseng, Scheffer C. G., MD Cornea, External Eye Disease, EyeBank
WOC2010 English/Inglés Metabolic Diseases: Diabetes Mitchell, Paul, Prof., MD Retina and Vitreous
WOC2010 English/Inglés IMCLC Special Lecture: Medical Use of Contact Lens: An Effective Tool for Ocular Surface Surgery Kinoshita, Shigeru, MD Genetics, Pediatric, Strabismus, Genetics
WOC2010 English/Inglés IC3D Classification of Corneal Dystrophies(CD) - a New Guide for the Ophthalmologist Munier, Francis, MD Cornea, External Eye Disease, EyeBank
WOC2010 English/Inglés Experience from War and Terror-Related Eye Injuries in Egypt Mortada, Hassan, MD Eye Trauma and Emergencies
WOC2010 English/Inglés Why and How Do Blebs Fail in the Long-Term? Grehn, Franz, Prof., MD
WOC2010 English/Inglés Surgical Management of CCDDs Hunter, David G., MD
WOC2010 English/Inglés Lens Refilling: How Close to Nature Can We Get Pallikaris, Ioannis G., MD, PhD Cataract

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